• February 22, 2019
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    This is the second instalment of a series on the Biblical significance of key Christian pilgrimage sites in Israel-Palestine. The first was on Nazareth. Due to length, this instalment on Bethlehem is divided into two parts. This is the first
    Bethlehem, the Other City of David (Part 1) - By Phil Sumpter
  • January 08, 2018
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    Yoahanna Katanacho discusses the Christmas message of Andrea Zaki, the president of all Protestant communities in Egypt and one of the most prominent Christian leaders of Egypt
    Egyptian Evangelical Spirituality - By Yohanna Katanacho
  • August 01, 2011
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    With the begining of the month of Ramadan ,Rev. Dr. Yohanna Katanacho -a Palestinian Christian theologian brings forth Biblical principles on how should the followers of Christ respond to Ramadan and to the socio-religious activities of Muslims in this month.

    Special For Come and See
    The Christian and Ramadan
  • April 09, 2008
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    Today we are again at a pivotal moment in Christian-Muslim and Western-Muslim relations. However this time the outcome is not going to be determined by military might, but on the strength of moral and ideological convictions. Unfortunately, that is exactly why the West is in danger, for while Islam is weak militarily it is strong on conviction, the West is strong militarily but weak on conviction. The West will either buckle, surrender and submit, handing Islam the ascendancy, or it will brace itself and stand firm for what it believes (if in fact it can remember what that is).

    By his very public Easter baptism of the high profile Egypt-born Italian journalist and Muslim convert to Catholicism, Magdi Allam, Pope Benedict has made a decisive and very courageous statement in defence of religious liberty, specifically a Muslim's right to convert.

    By Elizabeth Kendal, World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission
  • May 16, 2007
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    Christian Arabs in the Middle East hear the Islamic call to prayer five times a day. The Loud speakers make it clear that Allah is great (الله ٲكبر) and then invite the worshipers to prayer. Allah (الله) is the Arabic word for God. Just like the first century Christians used the Greek word theos (θεος) to refer to the God of Christianity, Arab Christians use the word Allah to refer to the triune God. Put differently, both Christians and Muslims use the label Allah to denote the Supreme Being who declared His will through His messengers. Interestingly, the last Old Testament book, Malachi, is sympathetic to asserting the greatness of Allah!

    By Dr. Yohanna Katanacho

    Allah and the Messenger of Allah in the Book of Malachi