• SYRIA \ Oct 07, 2014
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    It is the responsibility of real people of faith to emphasize that this “god” is a fake god. He has caused people to hate. He has caused anguish and suffering and he is just a bad imitation of the real god: God.
    “god” is not the answer, God is the answer
By Botrus Mansour
  • SYRIA \ Sep 11, 2013
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    Such fall of Assad could lead to the potential of an Arab Christians genocide. The places that witnessed the story of God’s dealings with human kind are supposed to flourish with followers of Christ. Maintaining a strong living witness for Christ that will shine near the physical stones and ruins should be a priority
    A Minute Before the Siren Blows in Syria,

By Botrus Mansour
  • SYRIA \ Jul 20, 2012
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    His Beatitude Patriarch Gregory III (Laham), of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church in Syria, has imparted these reflections and observations as a vademecum to throw light on the attitudes of the local Church towards the dramatic events in Syria and on certain moral contortions in relation to these events.
    24 Reflections and observations on the current situation in Syria
  • SYRIA \ Feb 20, 2012
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    The members of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Executive Committee have sent a pastoral message to the churches in Syria extending solidarity as they face enormous challenges due to the ongoing violence in the country.
    WCC Executive Committee sends message to Syrian churches
  • SYRIA \ Oct 01, 2010
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    At least eight evangelical churches in northern Syria have been closed by the Syrian government.

    According to International Christian Concern (ICC) www.persecution.org , the Syrian government ordered the closure of numerous 'house churches' for meeting in places the government deems inappropriate for worship.

    Many congregations in Syria cannot afford to buy a plot of land and build a church, so instead they purchase an apartment and turn it into a place of worship. However, during the past few months, the government has enforced a law stating that congregations must only gather in buildings that resemble a church.

    By Michael Ireland, www.persecution.org Sep 28, 2010
  • SYRIA \ Oct 06, 2008
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    It's great to note that a United Kingdom (UK) Immigration court has, for the very first time, granted asylum to a Syrian Christian couple who are persecuted for their conversion from Islam to Christianity.

    In a report by Open Doors UK, it noted that this is unprecedented for a UK court and, as such, is a recognition of threats to Christian converts who suffer for accepting Christian faith in Syria.

    It described the ruling which was facilitated by the European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ) as a victory, "The court recognized that the couple would face real physical threats, including death, if they returned to Syria, the husband's country of origin. Their appeal was granted on both asylum and human rights grounds."

    By Success Kanayo Uchime, ANS, Oct 5, 2008
  • SYRIA \ Nov 24, 2004
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    Mel Gibson's controversial film drawing sizeable audience in Syrian and Lebanese capitals.

    Certain sequences of the movie are in Aramaic, the language that was dominant in the Holy Land at the time of Christ and which can still be heard in certain towns in Syria, notably Maalula and Saadnaya near Damascus.

    "Some members of the audience could not conceal their astonishment on hearing some expressions - such as Ya Illah (My God) - that are close to Arabic"

    By Henri Mamarbachi - Middle East Online, March 26, 2004
  • SYRIA \ Dec 19, 2001
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    Well over 35,000 Bibles and Christian books were sold during the Baghdad and Damascus book fairs.

    Compas Direct, December 20, 2001
  • SYRIA \ Jun 30, 2001
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    Patriarch Maximus Hakim V, leader of the Greek Catholic church for more than 30 years, died Friday. He was 93.

    AP, June 29, 2001
  • SYRIA \ Jun 01, 2001
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    Many people outside the region consider the Arab Middle East exclusively Muslim. Middle East expert Claude Lorieux dispels that notion in his new book called, "Christians in the Land of Islam."

    VOW News, Laurie Kassman, Paris,31 May 2001
    Christians in the Land of Islam