• December 18, 2009
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    Nazareth Baptist School celebrates Christmas in a special way
Nazareth Baptist School celebrates Christmas in a special way

The Spiritual emphasis week was dedicated to Christmas . A team of Baptists from Ohio led the worship as and preachers shared about the characters of Christmas. Rev. Dr. Nabil Samara shared about the shepherds, Rev. Bilal Habibi shared about the virgin Mary ,Fr. Jack Karram shared about the wise men and Bro. Fadi Hanna about Joseph.

This was the first year that NBS holds a bazaar. It was a community effort where both students, teachers and parents helped in either making or donating items for the bazaar. The revenue is being used to help families in Nazareth and Bethlehem to feel the spirit of Christmas.

The school theatre team displayed the pageants : from Annunciation to Christmas" in Nazareth cultural center with 6 and 7 graders. The pageant will be displayed for students from the neighboring Catholic school St. Joseph on Monday the 21st of December.

Child Evangelism fellowship led by Fadi Hanna (a NBS graduate himself) held a special program from 1-3 graders.

Christmas party for the kinder garden will be held on Friday the 18th .

The annual school staff and spouses banquet will be held on Thursday the 23rd.