• May 31, 2001
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    Bible Distribution Office Raided by Turkish Police
Bible Distribution Office Raided by Turkish Police According to Assist News Service, Christian workers in Istanbul, Turkey, who distribute Bibles and New Testaments in the Turkish language, have had their offices raided by police and are currently under investigation by local authorities. The raid followed a newspaper article in the Yeni Safak newspaper, dated May 7, that was critical of their Bible distribution efforts.

"Two police detectives came on May 16 to our office," said an office worker. "They want to bring an accusation against the Bible and New Testament distribution company, that we are using 'illegal money' to buy NTs and Bibles (two other printing companies are also being investigated)."

In an update received at the U.S. offices of Turkish World Outreach in Grand Junction, Colo., the Bible distributors thanked western Christians "for standing with us in prayer during this difficult time.

"It has been nine days since the police inquiry, and we thank the Lord that the police have not returned yet. Still, the Canadian Embassy recommends that we have a lawyer on stand-by. The post office, where we get the mail from the NT ads, said that the police had been there also, asking questions," the worker said.