• September 17, 2001
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    Germany -- Again a Home for Jews
Germany -- Again a Home for Jews (AgapePress) - With immigration to the U.S. now difficult -- and some Jewish families reluctant to emigrate to Israel because of the violence there -- Germany has become the country of choice for many Jewish families.

Following World War II, the Diaspora scorned Germany's Jewish community for staying in the land of the Holocaust. As a result, Jews in Germany lived for years with bags packed for the United State or Israel.

Now, according to The Washington Post, there is an acknowledgment that there is again a Jewish home in Germany. In fact, the land that spawned the Nazis finds itself with the fastest growing Jewish population, in percentage terms, in the world.

Most of the Jewish immigrants in Deutschland have moved there from the former Soviet Union. In 1990, there were just 29,000 Jews in West Germany, and only 370 in communist East Germany. But today, in reunified Germany, there are 90,000 -- as well as another 60,000 former Soviet Jews and their non-Jewish families not registered with the Central Council of Jews.

In addition, synagogues are being built across the country, including three in the former East German cities of Chemnitz, Dresden, and Leipzig.