• August 06, 2002
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    Suhad can return back home, to Gaza
Suhad can return back home, to Gaza Thirteen months after the wedding of Pastor Hanna Masaad he went to the US on a ministry trip, while his wife Suhad, who holds a Jordanian passport, went to Amman to visit her family. Since then, the Israeli Embassy in Jordan has refused every request to issue her a visa to return to her husband in Gaza.

Pastor Massad has done everything he can, including securing the services of attorney Jonathan Kuttab, who has filed a petition in the Israeli high court.

This week, and while Hanna was on his way to the US, for a another ministry trip, the lawyers of the Massad family sent Suhad a fax in Jordan stating that the Israeli Supreme Court mandated that she be granted a visa to live in Gaza.

It has been very painful months for the couple, when Suhad's visa requests were denied, as Western Christians prayed and petitioned everybody they could.

Lately, Pastor Masaad was seriously considering to leave Gaza and move to Amman. Masaad pastors the only evangelical church in the Gaza Strip where 1.2 Million people live in 224-square mile Gaza Strip ? the most densely populated area in the world.