• September 03, 2002
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    A conference about 'Developing an Arab Christian Identity'
A conference about 'Developing an Arab Christian Identity' The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) held a leadership training event in the Middle East at the last week of August. This is only the second of its kind in the region. It brought together over 160 students from 10 Arab Countries, not only from countries where the movement exists, but also from places where student ministry is at a very early stage. The theme is 'Developing an Arab Christian Identity'. The teaching included lectures about the character of the Christian Arab Person and the Christian Community in the Arab World and the influence they make on the society they live in and in their countries as a whole. Lecture were given by top Christian Scholars from Seminaries and Churches in the Middle East.

The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students is a fellowship of students, staff and supporters right around the world. A third of a million people praying, working and giving to see a vibrant gospel witness on every campus in the world.

The Student work in the Middle East faces great difficulties; the gospel has been highly restricted, making life hard for Christians in their witness. Despite this there are many encouragements ? more students are involved in fellowship and outreach, and more cities are being reached. This year a number of new staff are joining the Middle East regional team and the conference will also equip them.