• October 09, 2002
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    "They treat me really bad here since they know I'm Palestinian"
Dear family,

Hello from your son from USA. I'm doing very good.. everything's just great only for one problem, which is I still don't have a job. They have been treating me really bad here since they all know I'm Palestinian, and I'm talking about the places I could work in.. the library promised me they would give me the job but after they checked my files they changed their minds, that's what I heard from trusted people. The computer lab did the same, they didn't even bother informing me of what they decided, which was not to hire me. There isn't much places for freshmen to work in here, and if there were there is probably no available jobs available after a month of college. I need prayers, many pray for me here, but I also need your prayers, specially concerning the job.

The Lord had been providing and helping with everything till now, he has done miracles with me. But I do not know why the job issue is not being solved.

Concerning the parcel I got it last Thursday. I wanted to tell you earlier but I get no much time for e-mailing, and the liberty server is usually down so I can't use my liberty e-mail most of the time!

I miss you all, pray for me,

David (Daoud)

This is the reply sent by his family

Dear son

Our hearts ache, and we feel the pain you have. Tell them that God is love. Tell them that Jesus is for all and that He loves all. Tell them that you joined the university because it is a Christian one, and that Christians love and care for each other. Tell them that you love everyone at the university and hope that they will you in return. And remember that we have to carry our cross every day.

It is not a crime to be a Palestinian, and not a crime to be American. Tell them that God is all inclusive and He cares for all. What they are doing with you is not human nor Christian at all. They MUST NOT DISCRIMINATE between the students for any reason what so ever. Tell them that you are a born again believer and not a follower of Usama Bin Laden or any fanatic Muslim group.

Be sure that we pray for you every day.

Keep in touch and inform us of any development with your situation.

God bless you son

Your parents