• October 14, 2002
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    Father of Dauod: Praise the Lord, Dauod gets a job!
Father of Dauod: Praise the Lord, Dauod gets a job! Dear wonderful Friends everywhere,

Greetings in the name of Jesus

Your prayers, e-mails and phone calls where a blessing to David in the States and to us here in Beit Sahour - the Holy Land .Our son David (Daoud) did get a job, and things changed dramatically. Pray with us that it will continue like this until his graduation. We love you all and we are grateful. To God be the Glory.

Find down the e-mail which our son David sent to us this afternoon.

May God bless all and each one of you.

Signature of father and family ( - )

Dear Father,

How are you all doing? I hope everything is going ok with you. Everything with me is fine now. Finally I GOT A JOB, and I think it's just good. I was put in a place where one of the really good people in the university advised me to go work at. I'll be working in the Distant Learning Program office, and so, I will be doing office work, including filing, computer management, web mastering and homepage design.

Thank you dad for all the prayers and all you've done to me. What you've done was enough, and even more than enough! Everyone's been calling me from around the offices wondering how I'm doing. Everyone seems to care now!! And care too much. The university received some angry letters and phone calls from whom could most likely be of your friends and those who have been praying.

Most of the people you asked to pray have e-mailed me, and because I do not have much time for e-mailing, I'm replying one e-mail at a time, which could make some of them wonder about why it's taking too long. Some of them might think that it is not yet solved. So if you please, just make it all cleared out, tell them I got a job and that they are all treating me better here, and that they don't need to worry too much. And I will, when I find the time, e-mail all those who e-mailed me and thank them for their concern and prayers.

You all are always in my thoughts,