• March 30, 2005
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    'Allah' found etched into wall of Temple Mount
'Allah' found etched into wall of Temple Mount Members of the committee for the prevention of damage to Temple Mount antiquities, who found the graffiti Wednesday, said it caused "serious damage to the site" and that it was "part of an attempt to grant an exclusively Muslim character to the Temple Mount and impair any Jewish connection to the site."

Arab workers employed to carry out restoration work at the site holy to both Jews and Muslims are suspected of carving out the half-meter high letters Tuesday. It is believed the workers used temporary scaffolding to reach the location.

Restoration work at the eastern walls is being carried out under Jordanian supervision, with Egyptian consultation, under the guard of Israeli police forces.

Meanwhile, the High Court of Justice is considering a petition filed by far-right activist Aryeh King, who asked the state to halt alleged burial activities at the site. King has submitted evidence alleging burial activity at the site, which is a designated national park.

The High Court has postponed a hearing on his petition until July.