• February 15, 2006
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    Bible Society Entrance in Gaza Bombed
Bible Society Entrance in Gaza Bombed ?The situation in the Palestinian areas is turning into chaos,? said an Open Doors? contact. This is the second open attack on a Christian center since the political party for Hamas gained victory in January?s parliamentary elections. At the end of January, an angry mob attacked another Bible center on the West Bank.

Palestinian Christians asked us to pray for them. ?We are not deterred but rather much more committed to be what Christ wants us to be. It is at such dark times when the light is mostly needed,? said one brother working on the West Bank.

A worker in Gaza shared similar words. ?I consider we are blessed and honored to be Christ?s ambassadors in Gaza.?

A Messianic leader, who is also actively involved in reconciliation, urges the International Christian community to remember to pray for the Palestinian Christian community of the West Bank and Gaza. ?As a dwindling minority, they feel very insecure as a result of the elections. They wrestle with questions like, ?Will sharia law be introduced?? and ?Will we be further marginalized?? and ?Will there be another escalation in the violent conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority???

He would appreciate prayer for wisdom and sensitivity in reconciliation initiatives. The new governmental shifts of both communities may represent a need to change strategies and methodology.