• March 30, 2006
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    Christian minister in the new Hamas goverment
Christian minister in the new Hamas goverment The new tourism minister who is filling the Christian spot in the Palestinian new cabinet is 47 years of age. He graduated in 1981 from the Middle East Technical School in Turkey and has filled different engineering positions in the municipality of Bethlehem and the Bethlehem regional committees. He has also coordinated few private projects with the countries that donate to the PA and is seen to be a person with good ties with these countries. These donations that are so critical for the PA are now at risk as the countries are asking the Hamas government to change its policy towards Israel.

Hamas, the victor of the January 25 legislative elections, is an Islamic organization inspired by Egypt?s Muslim Brotherhood, which wants to establish a Muslim state in Egypt.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud ?Abbas okayed the proposed Hamas-led government on Saturday. The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) approved the new cabinet when it was presented on Monday, as the assembly has a Hamas majority.

Hamas is proposing a 24-member government which includes Hamas members and independents, after failing to form a joint government with Fatah and other factions.