• July 28, 2006
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    Christians in Gaza protest against the war in Lebanon, Palestine
Christians in Gaza protest against the war in Lebanon, Palestine Haniyya said that the government is proud of the Palestinian residents, the Christians who share the pain and the hope and sacrificed for the sake of their country along with the Muslims.

He called for unity among the Palestinians, Muslims and Christians, since they are all Palestinians, facing the same Israeli military aggression, and called for the unity of the Lebanese people.

?From the heart of this Orthodox church in the Gaza Strip, we send a message that we are all united, we are all facing the same Israeli military aggression?, Haniyya said, ?we stand together, in spite of hunger and pain, we stand united with each other and with the Lebanese people, and the resistance, they [Israel] cannot steal our steadfastness?.

Dr. Antwan Shheiber, member of the trustees board at the Greek Orthodox church, said that the Palestinians are standing united against the Israeli military aggression.

Shheiber denounced the Israeli military aggression and attacks in Palestine and Lebanon. He added that Israel cannot bring peace by launching war, and that the only way to achieve it is by returning the rights to their owners.

Miterios, father of the Greek Orthodox church of Gaza, called on the churches and Christians in the world to pray for peace.

He added that the Palestinians want peace and want to achieve their rights of freedom and independence.

Christian member of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza, Husam Al Taweel, greeted the Palestinian and Lebanese steadfastness, and said that both peoples will remain united and steadfast on their lands.

Al Taweel added that Israel considers itself above the law, and rejects to recognize the Palestinian right of return and independence.

?Israel is against a Palestinian State, it rejects to dismantle its settlements in the West Bank, and Jerusalem?. He stated.

Ahmad Bahar, deputy of the Legislative Council head, said that this protest is a real implementation of the national unity, unity between Muslims and Christians, between all factions in Palestine.