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    Statement from the Council of Evangelical Churches
Statement from the Council of Evangelical Churches

CLEC does not only represent pastors and congregations but it also represents the various ministries of the evangelical churches in the Holy Land. Some of these ministries are humanitarian by design; others are educational or evangelistic. Among these ministries are Life Agape, Bethlehem Bible College, House of Hope for the Blind, Mobile Ministry, Home of New Life (an orphanage), Musalaha (reconciliation ministries) and Beit Al Liqa (recreational and evangelistic).

Harsh political and economic realities have forced many Christians to exit this land in pursuit of both economic and political security. These realities have taken their toll, gradually reducing the Christian population to less than two percent of the total population. In spite of their reduced numbers and the many challenges they face, the remaining Christians desire to be the salt and light of this land. These Evangelical congregations and their ministries endeavor to show the love of Christ to their compatriots through their witness and through humanitarian ministries. The challenges facing the Evangelical congregations in the Holy Land can be divided into three categories:


A. Relation with Ruling Political & Religious Authorities

Evangelical Christians have not acquired the recognition, known as the Status Quo, which other denominations in the Holy Land have been granted since the Ottoman Era. Therefore, they lack many privileges that these denominations have when relating to the authorities.

B. Day to Day Challenges due to the Occupation

The Evangelical congregations and ministries that are located within the Palestinian Territories are challenged by numerous checkpoints, walls and strict closures. This restricts their mobility. Christian leaders around the world are urged to call on the Israeli authorities to issue permits to various leaders and constituencies of these congregation in order that they may freely serve Christ in Palestine and in Israel.


Unlike historic churches and mainline denomination most Evangelical congregations do not own their buildings and they need more adequate facilities to meet their growing numbers. At present the largest Evangelical meeting hall has room for only 200 people.


Palestinian Christians call on Christian leaders around the world to learn about the realities and dilemmas facing the churches in the Holy Land and interpret what they learn and witness to their congregations and constituencies around the world. Many Evangelical Christians are not aware of the existence of the Palestinian Church and other Evangelicals, due to their understanding of Biblical prophecies, hold that Palestinian Christians should not live in the Holy Land.

Here are ways you can help:

• Pray for the faithfulness and steadfastness of the remaining Christians, their leaders and their ministries.

• When you tour the Holy Land visit the indigenous Christians communities. Your visit can bring much encouragement to members of the Body of Christ.

• Christian volunteers can come and serve alongside their Palestinian Christian brothers and sister.

• Invite Palestinian Evangelical leaders to your churches to share their stories and testimonies with your people.

• As the Lord leads you, your church or your organization, make financial contributions to CLEC to support its various ministries to all segments of the Palestinian population but particularly to the "household of faith".

In order to facilitate and channel your contributions, CLEC has established, The Living Stones Evangelical Trust. Funds contributed to LSET will be used to meet urgent needs and empower the ministries of CLEC and its member congregations.

For further information about CLEC or LSET, please contact:

Reverend Munir Kakish, President,
Council of Local Evangelical Churches
Tel/Fax: 972-2-2955101

*To send funds to the bank directly see the information below:

 Al _ Quds Bank for Dev.& Investment

A/C No: 1/4827/2/8630 with:

Jordan Invest.& finance Bank

Shemaisni - Amman – Jordan

Swift Code JIFBJOM

For Further Credit to Al Quds Bank

Through – their A/C No. 8900042087

With Bank of New York N.Y. USA


Name of Beneficiary: Council of Local Evangelical Churches (Living Stones)

Account No.: 50384

Beit Jala Branch : 428

Bank No. : 82

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