• LEBANON \ Nov 24, 2004
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    For the First time in its history, the European Baptist Federation (EBF) held its annual meeting in the Middle East. The meeting was held in Beirut between September 22 and 26. It was an opportunity for Baptist Leaders in Europe to show their support for Middle Eastern Baptists

    Special for Come and See, Baptist World Alliance Web site, Oct 11, 2004

    European Baptists meet with Hariri and Lahoud in Beirut
  • LEBANON \ Sep 02, 2003
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    A Canadian missionary arrested in Lebanon and accused of collaborating with Israel was found innocent Monday and was expected to be released, while his family accused Ottawa bureaucrats, claiming they failed to publicly denounce the arrest.

    Canoe CNET News, Sep 2, 2003

  • LEBANON \ May 08, 2003
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    A man who called himself Mohammed, and who had recently visited the couple frequently under the pretext that he wanted to convert to Christianity, is the prime suspect in this attack.

    Christianity Today Weblog, May 7, 2003

    Missionary's home bombed in Tripoli
  • LEBANON \ Nov 28, 2002
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    Bishop George Kuweiter of the Greek Catholic Church likened the missionaries to terrorists, saying they operate in "cells" under the guise of Christianity.

    "Even we wonder who is behind them, who brought them and in whose name they operate," he told the Associated Press.

    Ted Olsen, Christianity Today Web Log, Nov 26, 2002

    Greek Catholic Bishop Blame Missionary For Her Own Murder
  • LEBANON \ Nov 25, 2002
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    A day after the shooting of Bonnie Weatherall, a nurse assistant at an evangelical clinic, a leading Sunni Muslim cleric in south Lebanon said he did not condemn her killing but urged Lebanese to use other methods to show their contempt for U.S. policy.

    By Cynthia Johnston, Reuters, Nov 23, 2002

  • LEBANON \ Nov 21, 2002
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    The body of Bonnie Weatherall was found with three bullets to the head inside a two-storey building in the port city of Sidon.

    The building was used as a chapel and a clinic

    AP, Nov 21, 2002

    American Missionary Killed in Sidon
  • LEBANON \ Jun 20, 2002
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    During the war years in Lebanon, the Bible Society learned the efficacy of drama and puppetry to bring the message of the Gospel to the new generation.
    Last Month, a team from them visited Iraq.
    Read amazing stories about how God is changing lives of kids and their families in this country where fear of war is in the air

    Assist Ministries, June 20, 2002

  • LEBANON \ Nov 12, 2001
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    The extraordinary story of Rita Younes, Director of Children's Programming for SAT-7 in which she tells how growing up the Lebanon civil war transformed her life and gave her a deep love for the children of the Arab World

    By Dan Wooding, Assist Ministries

    Love Without borders
  • LEBANON \ Sep 06, 2001
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    The group from the UK will work on a building that will function as an orphanage and school for about 150 children ranging in age from babies to late teens.

    September 06, 2001
  • LEBANON \ Aug 28, 2001
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    The most significant development between the Christians in Lebanon is the growing evidence of a spiritual revival among the youth. Prayer groups, catechism groups, and Bible study groups are sprouting everywhere

    By Janet Chismar, Religion Today Editor, August 21, 2001
    Christians Activists in Lebanon Tangle with Muslims