• OPINION \ Jun 17, 2008
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    Yossi Sarid, Israel’s Education minister in the early 1990-s writes about Jewish morality in modern days, on the eve of Shavuot.

    “The negotiations between Moses and God were not easy. That is the only explanation for the long stay on the mountain, 40 days and 40 nights, before the Torah was given. According to stubborn rumors that found their way through the concealing cloud, God insisted on more than Ten Commandments, and Moses begged him not to go too far: Even those 10 would be a tough burden to meet”…”Quite a few politicians stick to the ritual commandments while disparaging the Ten Commandments - to hell with morality, long live ritual”.

    Yossi Sarid, Haaretz, June 7, 2008
  • OPINION \ Jun 12, 2008
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    Eileen is the Reporter and Editor of "We are wide awake" writes about an encounter with a Christian Zionist in the location where Jesus preached the sermon on the mount:

    “The oppressed have become the oppressors. In the 21st century good people are unaware, ignoring or are in total denial of the injustice in the Holy Land. And what about all the Hebrew prophets, such as Micah who reminded the people of what the Lord requires: To be just, to be merciful and to walk humbly with your God!”

    "Nobody else spoke to me the rest of the evening or the next day. That was fine with me, for I was listening to the voice within and what I kept hearing was Luke 23:34: “Father forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.”

    Eileen Fleming, OPED News, June 4, 2008

    Christian Zionism: The Fastest Growing Cult in USA
  • OPINION \ Jun 12, 2008
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    Larry King is not known as a tough interviewer. Yet with smooth-talking pastor and author Joel Osteen, he went for the jugular, asking whether Jews and Muslims must believe in Christ to go to heaven. And Osteen blinked: "I'm very careful about saying who would and wouldn't go to heaven. I don't know."

    While Osteen later apologized for seemingly downplaying the necessity of faith in Christ for salvation, the pluralistic pressure to waffle on this issue is intense. Several mainline denominations support a two-covenant theology, which holds that Judaism and Christianity are parallel, divinely guided paths to God. In addition, in 2002 the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops released a document, "Reflections on Covenant and Mission," affirming that "Jews already dwell in a saving covenant with God."

    Stan Guthrie, CT Website, March 25, 2008
  • OPINION \ Apr 17, 2008
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    The president of Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary presents some guidelines, clarifications and words of encouragement.

    Many have been asking about the status of evangelicals in Jordan.  This has come as a result of some alarming reports and press releases in the eastern and western media.  Yet it is time now to take a new look towards a brighter future for the wonderful country of Jordan.  A fresh analysis of the situation is essential to move forward. Christians in general and evangelicals in particular can glean and also offer some words of wisdom to help build a model country that the world would be proud of.

    By Imad Shehady, Special For "Come and See"
    Evangelicals in Jordan: Towards a Brighter Future
  • OPINION \ Mar 10, 2008
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    An amazing sermon about mere Christianity by an American Jew, published in the Israeli press: Bradley Burston writes an article about “Christian America” in Israel’s Haaretz. He quotes lots of verses from the new testament and comes to the conclusion that Christians in America “need to pay more attention to the words and the works of Jesus, and less to those who speak with anger, bitterness, vengeance, and exclusionism, in his name”.

    It is outstanding to see how powerful the teachings of Jesus are, even when read by people who do not believe in Him – while how big of a stumbling block some Christians have became.

    Bradley Burston, A Special Place in Hell, Haaretz, Feb 26, 2008
  • OPINION \ Jan 28, 2008
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    Norman Jameson was part of a group of editors from the Southern Baptist Convention who visited Israel this month with an invitation from the Ministry of Tourism.

    Before he sent his main story about his trip to Israel to the Biblical Recorder page designer, he sent it to Botrus Mansour, general director of the Nazareth Baptist School for his review. He met with Botrus during his visit to Nazareth and claims that Botrus was "greatly disappointed" in what was written.

    The following is what the editor of the Biblical Recorder wrote after this reaction from Mr. Mansour.

    Norman Jameson, The Biblical Recorder, Jan 24, 2008

    Tourist Flyover analysis
  • OPINION \ Jan 15, 2008
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    A Messianic Pastor from Israel writes a response to “Christian Leaders Invite Muslims to Love God, Neighbors”. We publish it here:

    This Sunday some of us are going to Bethlehem to worship with Arab brothers and sisters in the joy of our God. Next weekend our congregation (actually the Lord Yeshua's congregation) will be host to over 40 teenagers from that same area. Today happens to be the shortest day of the year, when the light of day in the darkest of seasons is at its briefest in this part of the globe. A little light can dispel even more darkness; how much more the sun the blackness of night; how much more even does the Light which is the Word of God, and who is Himself the Lord Jesus Christ, dispel the darkness of lies!

    Howard Bass, Special for Come and See. Written in Dec 21, 2007

    Light Dispels Darkness
  • OPINION \ Nov 19, 2007
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    The following is an article by Dr. Salim Munayer on the role of Christians in Peace-Making. Salim is the Director of Musalaha, a non-profit organization that promotes reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. Salim wrote this article in response to an email from a Christian group urging all believers to speak out against the upcoming peace conference to be held at Annapolis

    Salim Munayer, Special For "Come and See", November 19, 2007

    The Armor of God and Peace-Making
  • OPINION \ Nov 13, 2007
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    The Jerusalem Post Christian Edition is sponsored by the “International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem”. It came under fire from one of its readers for publishing an article by Rev. Alex Awad, a Palestinian pastor from Jerusalem.

    In an article titled “Stop Deportation of Friends”, Rev. Awad speaks about the way the Israeli establishment treats Christian workers in Israel who come to Israel to do good. The following is the angry letter sent by Wallace L. Cooper from Arizona to the editor of the Jerusalem Post Christian Edition and Rev. Awad’s response to the allegations.

    Special For "Come and See", Nov 13, 2007

    Alex Awad responds to accusations
  • OPINION \ Nov 07, 2007
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    The online bulletin board posted on the ‘Come and See’ website provides a forum for debate. One dispute of particular interest that arose over the weeks following Rami Ayyad’s martyrdom in Gaza. This dispute erupted mainly between three people using the names ‘Jim’ (From the “International Christian Embassy” in Jerusalem, and ‘Khaleel’, and ‘Safa’ (Who introduced themselves as Palestinian Christians) and centered around the on-going tension between Christian Zionists from one side and Palestinian Christians from another side. Below is a record of the conversation.

    Special For Come and See