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    Bethlehem Bible College to Host International Conference in March
Bethlehem Bible College to Host International Conference in March

BBC's Rev. Alex Awad says: "We have learned much that we believe is relevant to the wider church, but, at the same time, we are aware that we must continue to seek insight from the global Christian family."

Awad added: "We expect to attract some 300 to 400 participants from around the world. The conference itself will be a mixture of keynote lectures, workshops, worship and on-site visits lasting five days, from March 13 to the 17th. In addition to the conference, we will offer a pre-conference tour of the holy sites in Galilee and Jerusalem (March 8-12) and a post-conference that will include visits to Hebron, Jericho and the Dead Sea (March 17-18)."

Awad said the goal of the conference is "to equip the evangelical Church to read Scripture in the service of the Gospel in the Palestinian context, discuss the conflict in the Holy Land from a biblical perspective, and to Encounter theologically the realities 'on the ground' in the Holy Land."

He went on to say: "We are inviting speakers from around the world, as well as local Palestinian leaders, who we feel can most effectively address these concerns. Among those who have accepted our invitation are Dr. Tony Campolo, Br. Andrew, Dr. Stephen Sizer, Dr. Walter Kaiser, Dr. Paul Alexander and Dr. Manfred Kohl.

"We would be greatly honored if you would join us in this conference. More information, including online registration and program information, will soon be available on our website, www.bethlehembiblecollege.edu

"If your schedule does not allow you to attend, please encourage others to be with us or consider making a donation to help us with conference expenses."

If you would like to register interest please contact the college at conf2010@bethbc.org

Awad stated: "Please remember Bethlehem Bible College in your prayers. We thank you for your interest and support and hope to welcome you in Bethlehem in March."