• ISRAEL \ Oct 22, 2014
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    Arab Evangelicals and Messianic Jews Issue statement
Arab Evangelicals and Messianic Jews Issue statement



Dear Brothers,

We wanted to update you that a group of Christian Palestinians and Israeli Messianic Jewish leaders gathered at the Latrun Monastery on October 1, in an effort to discuss and resolve the recent tensions which arose from various views expressed during the conflict in Gaza.

Each group was given the opportunity to ask questions concerning its counterpart's views regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and specifically issues arising from the recent war. Each group was also given the opportunity to address statements which were made by its counterpart during the conflict in Gaza, which it sees as wrong or offensive. A very open and honest dialogue pursued and the questions and answers were presented in a polite and orderly manner.

Each group chose to preface their remarks with an affirmation of our brotherhood in the Messiah and a desire to understand the position of its counterpart.

As a result of the aforesaid discussion, the Messianic Jewish leaders clearly stated that the magazine "Israel Today", which has regretfully published articles that were offensive towards the Palestinian Christian leaders, does not represent in any way the majority opinion of the Messianic Jewish community in Israel or its leadership. Furthermore, in light of concerns expressed by the Messianic Jewish leaders at the meeting, the leadership of the Bethlehem Bible College has decided to remove the video which it posted on its website during the recent Gaza war.

The meeting was concluded by everybody praying with each other and for each other.

Many blessings,

Marcel Rebiai
Salim Munayer
Oded Shoshani
Jack Sara
Evan Thomas
Calev Myers