• ISRAEL \ May 06, 2015
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    The First Arabic Reasonable Faith Conference
The First Arabic Reasonable Faith Conference

Christian Arabs who are living in Israel are going through a rough time these days. The smell of war as always is in the air, the economical situation is not comfortable, the ethnic tension is rising and all the surrounding people are getting more sensitive to their religious belief.

In the midst of all that, a conference is held in Nazareth - The city of Jesus to talk about the Reasonable Faith. “Yes, It is still reasonable to have faith in God in spite of the situation”, said George Abdo, who writes www.thabet.net about apologetics, the main speaker of the conference. “Christianity is unique, since it has a positive case for its belief, and the people should know that”, he continued.

The conference will focus on the issue of the evidence for God, why is the faith in God reasonable? And also about the absurdity of life without Him. The given evidence won’t be based on the scripture. It is based on God`s other book: Nature. Philosophical and historical arguments will be given to support the belief in God. Science will come to the rescue emphasizing the truth of some premises in the arguments. The goal is to empower the people and give them the tools to argue and make a positive case for God and the resurrection of Jesus.

A study done by the BBC in the UK, shows that most people leave the church because their questions were not answers. Another american study shows that three out of four Christian teens are walking away from the church after they leave home. George believes that if those people had reasons to believe, the number will be much lower.

The conference will be held in the baptist school in Nazareth, the same school George graduated from 16 years ago, at the sixth of June, starting at 11:00 until 18:00. If you believe in God, George would be grateful if you pray for the event. if you dont believe, you can check www.reasonablefaith.org to investigate more about the evidence for God.