• PERSIAN GULF \ Aug 16, 2001
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    Who Is a Better Missionary Than Taleban?
Who Is a Better Missionary Than Taleban? Tehran - By arresting the staff of a Western relief organization called "Shelter New International" on charges of proselytizing Christianity in Afghanistan, the Taleban have again created international outrage.

While it is a known fact that some relief organizations do indeed pursue certain political or ideological objectives under the guise of aid work, their success largely depends on the social conditions in the target society.

Missionaries were especially active in Afghanistan during the colonial era, when old imperialism viewed religion as a means of strengthening its routs in the colonies. But due to deep Islamic beliefs of the Afghans, these campaigns did not lead much results. Unfortunately ever since Taleban managed to establish its control over most parts of Afghanistan, a favorable setting has been created for all sorts of alien cultural or religious propagation.

In fact, this may have been one of the main motives behind the formation of this decadent and retrogressive mob in the first place. Today, undeniable evidence clearly points to the CIA as the main nurturing cradle of Taleban. The distorted understanding and interpretation of Islam harshly enforced by this organization combined with the widespread poverty in Afghanistan provide the best setting for people to be driven away from Islam.

In fact no government could have damaged the image of Islam better than the Taleban. Hence, if the Talebs are really looking for missionaries, they don't need to look far. The best way they can serve Islam is to dismantle themselves and get lost from Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world. Otherwise, they will serve as the main attraction towards Christianity or even paganism.