• ISRAEL \ Sep 05, 2001
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    Paul's Jail In Ceasarea Found!
Paul's Jail In Ceasarea Found! JERUSALEM, Israel - Archeologists believe they have uncovered the remains of a massive structure in the seaside city of Caesarea, that was used to imprison Paul. This is where he gave some of his most powerful testimonies.

Excavators have identified a Roman administrative building as the location where Paul was held for two years from 58 AD to 60 AD. It was from this building that Paul appealed to Ceasar to be tried before a Roman Court in Rome, a privilege accorded to every Roman citizen (Acts 23:31-25:12). Paul was a Roman citizen by birth. A mosaic floor at this site contains an inscription that is consistent with the background of the story that surrounds Paul's internment there.

There was no greater defender of the faith than Paul the Apostle. He had traveled to Jerusalem, after many years of preaching throughout the known world, and there had been accosted by a great crowd for taking non-Jews into the Temple;