• JORDAN \ Sep 25, 2001
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    A large gathering and training center being built in Amman
A large gathering and training center being built in Amman AMMAN, JORDAN (ANS) - The Middle East Harvest Training Center that will seat up to 2,500 people is being planned in Amman, Jordan, "in the heart of the neediest mission field in the world today."

This news was announced by the Rev. Dikran Salbashian, senior pastor of the Amman Assemblies of God church during a recent visit I made to Jordan. He stated, "The Middle East Harvest Training Center is being established in order to provide the finest instruction in the best facilities available anywhere in the region. So, imagine the birthplace of Jesus [the Middle East] as being what we believe will be the scene for God's greatest revival."

He went on, "The facility will be the largest gathering and training center of its kind in the Middle East. The complex will be densely packed on a lot of approximately 84,173 square feet on a site of 1.93 acres.

"It will comprise of two underground parking levels, and three levels above the group. The first level will contain the main sanctuary with a capacity of 1800 seats. The second floor will be mainly dedicated to classrooms plus the additional balcony space with a capacity of 700 seats. The third floor will contain a fellowship space, staff offices and classrooms."

Pastor Salbashian said that the goal of new center is to "reach, make disciples, and model a Holy Spirit-empowered life and ministry for young men and women from all over the Middle East. In addition to a permanent staff, men and women who are outstanding in their fields will be invited to lecture and minister."

The pastor explained that the new church campus would also host large gatherings, something that is currently difficult due to laws and regulations that discourage religious gatherings in pubic places. "Large meetings at the new center will no longer require special permits," he stated. (Pictured: Young Jordanian worshipers).

The new training center is an outgrowth of the ministry of the Amman Assemblies of God Church, which currently meets in a villa that it acquired in 1985 and serves today as a congregational meeting place. "The facility has had to be modified several times over the years to accommodate the church needs and growth," he said.

"The most recent renovations provide seating for 330 in the main auditorium with room for an additional 100 worshippers on the second floor of the building," said Pastor Salbashian. "On special occasions, the building can hold up to 600 people, while the two Sunday services have a combined attendance of 600 people."

He concluded by saying, "Our first training schools were also held in this building. However, we have reached the limitations of what can and should be done to a structure originally designed as a family residence. The Middle East Harvest Training Center is the answer to our growth and our needs.

"The Middle East has been termed the 'last frontier of Christian Mission' and the Arab world is in desperate need of laborers and people to train and disciple them. We hope now to be able to fulfill that need through the new training center which we believe will bring forth a real harvest of souls."

For more information on how you can help with this historic project, write to Middle East Harvest Training Center, P.O. Box 9040, Amman-11191, Jordan, or send an e-mail to aog@nets.com.jo.