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    Ten persons trapped at Bethlehem Bible College
Ten persons trapped at Bethlehem Bible College Israeli tanks stormed Bethlehem streets with unexpected attacks. The city became a ghost city. Israeli tanks dominated the city and Bethlehem residents were trapped in their homes.

We are not talking about few hours but several days. We are not talking about one person but a whole city. No one is able to go out, to shop, to visit relatives, or to breath outside their homes. Few people tried to leave their homes. They endangered themselves and suffered from showers of bullets. As a result some were injured and others were killed.

Ten persons were trapped at Bethlehem Bible College (BBC). Hani and his wife Faten and his two children are some of those who were trapped at BBC. I phoned Hani who is a Baptist minister and a student at BBC. As I was talking to him over the phone he stopped and told me to listen to the sound of Israeli tanks and to the sounds of shooting. I heard a shower of bullets loud and clear. He said that BBC was hit and some windows were destroyed. He added saying that his children need bread and milk. Hani was wondering how long his children could survive without their basic needs. Hani?s children are like the rest of the children of Bethlehem. They are crying out for help. Indeed, Bethlehem is weeping for her children.

Pastor Alex Awad who is a teacher at BBC heard the cry of Hani?s children. He contacted the American Embassy and others trying to free Hani?s family or provide them with food. Many started praying for Hani and his family. Many pastors and religious figures took active steps to free the children of Bethlehem. God blessed their efforts. Today, Pastor Alex was able to go and bring Hani and his family out of Bethlehem. Many prayers were answered. The people of Bethlehem were able to go outside their homes for a short period of time. However, the problem is not over yet. Faten, Hani?s wife, said, ?I am glad that the Lord allowed us to leave Bethlehem but I am concerned about the rest of the children who are not able to leave. The Israeli tanks will return soon?.

Please remember the children of Bethlehem. They need your support!