• ISRAEL \ Jul 10, 2002
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    Christian Radio from Nazareth shuts down
Christian Radio from Nazareth shuts down After 6 months since it went into the air,the first Christian radio in Israel announces that it's broadcasting will stop on Wednesday the 10th of July on noon.

"Saut Al-Bishara" (the voice of Annunciation) was an initiative of a couple of Arab believers from Nazareth and they broadcasted, without obtaining a permit ,from one of the homes in town.

It is still illegal to have a private radio station in Israel, even though tens of stations broadcast illegally in the country, with almost no police intervention.

Saut Al-Bishara broadcasted plenty of Christian hymns and some local programs telling the good news of Jesus, and had many faithful listeners around the Nazareth area.

The radio station claimed it was inter-denomination but had a strong Evangelical flavor.

Observers note that the reason for the closing of "Saut Al-Bishara" was a lack of accountability and financial reasons.