• PALESTINE \ Feb 14, 2003
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    Anglican Bishop:"Eternal Life for all martyrs of Palestine"
Anglican Bishop:

"Greetings of appreciation to all martyrs that were killed on the Land of Palestine". These were the words used by Riah Abu Asal, the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem and the Middle East, in the opening of lecture in Ramallah two weeks ago.

Bishop Abu Asal added that all martyrs receive eternal life and they "live in the Kingdom of Heaven". He supported that statement by quoting the Koran verse: "Do not consider those that were killed for the sake of God as dead, but alive with their Lord".

Bishop Abu Asal was speaking about the Christian Arabs and their unique role through History within the Arab World. The lecture was given in the Arab Anglican Episcopalian Center in Ramallah. The crowd included several religious and community figures from the town.