• FEATURES \ Apr 04, 2001
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    Ex-Moslems Explain 'Why I Chose Jesus'
Ex-Moslems Explain 'Why I Chose Jesus'
A new study reveals why some 600 ex-Moslems decided to leave Islam to follow Jesus, even in the face of heavy persecution, sacrifice and death threats.

According to Professor Dudley Woodberry, who conducted the study, the most important reasons were as follows: "Many were attracted by the certainty of salvation in Jesus ... He does not retaliate, is humble, loves the poor and outcasts; the power of His love is unique, and one can enter a relationship with Him, completely different to Islam.

Christians are the only people who really work for justice for the poor and repressed; Christians' unconditional love, and their peaceful and contented aura are very noticeable. Also, a number of ex-Moslems had supernatural experiences which were decisive in their finding Christ."

Woodberry is on staff at Fuller Theological Institute