• PERSIAN GULF \ Nov 24, 2004
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    The movie Passion plays in Qatar - a missionary's testimony
The movie Passion plays in Qatar - a missionary's testimony Just a few days ago when one of our team members was praying for it to come to Qatar in our prayer meeting (we knew it was opening in the United Arab Emirates in about a week), we honestly had no faith whatsoever that her prayer would be answered.

You have to realize that until now we have only been able to show the Jesus film in Arabic to a handful of Qataris in the secret of a home setting. In the coming weeks, potentially 10s of thousands of Arab Muslims will see this powerful portrayal of Christ's suffering and death.

Today at 4:30 PM, our entire team went to see the debut of this film in Doha, Qatar! It was amazing--how many people get to see this film in a theatre half full of Gulf Arab Muslims both men and women.

In two short hours, more Qataris heard the Gospel than we have been able to reach in 3 years! The Arabic subtitles were completely accurate they didn't water ANYTHING down or change any language that Muslims would not agree with. All of us watched the film in absolute amazement in what God had done.

The Muslims sitting around us were being moved gasping, crying and reacting with disgust to the brutality that Jesus faced. Now if you have heard anything about why the Arab Muslims would want to see the film, you know that it is because they heard it was anti-Jewish and since they hate the Jews, they want to see it.

How interesting that God is using this film to communicate the Gospel and the very opposite spirit that might be motivating them to go and see it. The message to LOVE YOUR ENEMIES, and Jesus praying for them to be forgiven while on the Cross, perfectly subtitled in Arabic, would hit the Muslim theatre-goer in a powerful way.

Just as Satan surely felt that he was winning when Christ began to suffer, ultimately it was the plundering of his house and his complete defeat. Muslims are going to see this film because of their hatred (and probably out of curiosity as well) and in the end, the message they will hear is to LOVE. Is it not just like God to do something like that They mean it for evil, and God means it for good!!

Below is an excerpt from the todays local newspaper: INTERNATIONAL blockbuster film Passion of the Christ will have a multiple release in Doha today. Qatar is to be the first country in the Middle East to screen the film There is yet another motivation that Qatar had in releasing this film and that was to be the first country in the Middle East to show the film. Qatar is trying to change its image and portray itself as a tolerant Muslim country.

Little do they know that this film is exposing their people to many truths that their faith categorically denies. (The Sonship of Christ, the Fatherhood of God, the Atoning Death of Christ for the sins of the World, and of course the commandment to Love your enemies all uncompromisingly translated into Arabic subtitles!). We are all still shell-shocked by what has happened and what will happen in the coming days.

Please pray for these urgent requests:

1. That this film will be allowed to be shown for a significant period of time. It is being shown in 3 different theatres, up to 4 times a day. Fundamentalists will surely be in an uproar about this unprecedented event. Just when we thought Satellite television was going to be the most significant way for the Lord to sow the seeds of the Gospel, this film arrives in Muslim nations!!

2. That this film will cause a major shaking and stirring in the hearts of Qatari Muslims leading them to salvation.

3. That God will lead us to men and women who have been/will be impacted by this powerful film. Well keep you updated it should be VERY INTERESTING. There is no way a person can walk out of this film without a deeper revelation of the love of God for them.