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    Christian Driver offered Jewish Terrorist some water
Christian Driver offered Jewish Terrorist some water A human side to the story of the Jewish terrorist that started fire in a bus in the Arab Israeli town of Shefa-Amr was revealed on Sunday the 7th of August.

In an interview with the Israeli popular newspaper ?Yideot Ahronot?, a bus conductor from Shefa-Amr by the name of Amin Sabbah revealed astonishing details from the night before the terrorist attack.

According to Sabbah, Michele (Micha) Bahooth the Christian driver from Shefa-Amr came on Wednesday the 3rd of August at around 6 p.m to the bus station in Shefa-Amr with a Jewish soldier by the name of Natan-Zada.Zada had a M-16 rifle, a black bag in his arm and a cap on his head. Bahooth told Sabbah that the Jewish Soldier had fallen asleep in the bus he had driven to Shefa-Amr and woke up in the last stop and missed the stop he was supposed to drop to.

Sabbah said that soldier seemed naive and shocked ?as if had just waken up from a deep sleep?.

The Christian driver offered the Jewish soldier a bottle of water and then they all went in Sabbah?s private car to take the soldier to a bus stop where he could ride a bus back to the central bus station in the Haifa bay. Sabbah added that during the ride that took 5 minutes, Bahooth sat in the back seat with the soldier and was friendly and joked with him. The soldier rode a bus together with Bahooth back to the central bus station of Haifa bay.

On the next day after, Zada took the same route with Bahooth driving again in the bus to Shefa-Amr. In one of the neighbourhoods of Shefa-Amr, Zada pulled out his rifle and started shooting .He started by shooting Bahooth and then continued shooting the passengers on the bus until passengers controlled him and was later killed himself. As a result of this Jewish terrorist attack, 4 people were killed including the smiley Christian driver Bahooth , 2 Muslim sisters and another Christian man. Several other were injured.

"Come and See" editor notes that as the disengagement (pullout) plan from Gaza becomes more and more realistic (it is supposed to start on Sunday the 14th of August) ,political leaders in Israel are worried of what Right wing Jewish radical fanatics will try to do. The main concern is from possible attempts to attack the temple mount (the dome of the rock mosque ,holy for Muslims),attempt of assassination of the prime minister, terrorist attacks against Arabs in Israel or any major attack that would jeopardize the whole disengagement plan.