• NORTH AFRICA \ May 02, 2001
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    Famous Lawyers To Defend Activists accused of illegal entry to Sudanese Embassy
Famous Lawyers To Defend Activists accused of illegal entry to Sudanese Embassy WASHINGTON (AP) - Kenneth Starr is remembered as the dogged special prosecutor who presided over the Whitewater investigation. Johnnie Cochran is the defense attorney whose successes include acquittals of O.J. Simpson and Sean "Puffy" Combs.

On Tuesday, the two celebrity lawyers will share a table in District of Columbia Superior Court to defend a radio talk show host, a minister-lawmaker and a former aide to President Reagan on a misdemeanor charge.

The three are accused of illegal entry in connection with an April 13 incident at the Sudanese Embassy. They handcuffed themselves to the entrance of the diplomatic mission to protest civil war and famines that have claimed 2 million lives since 1983.

"This is a holocaust going on, and decent people don't sit out holocausts," said Michael J. Horowitz, 63, the former Reagan staffer now with the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank.

Horowitz and his co-defendants want the Bush administration to appoint a special envoy to force changes in Sudanese government policies they describe as genocide and enslavement targeting animal worshippers and Christians who live in the southern region of the north African nation.

Cochran will represent Horowitz, while Starr will represent talk show host Joe Madison and the Rev. Walter Fauntroy, a Baptist minister and the District of Columbia's former delegate to Congress. All have said they plan to plead innocent.

Convictions on the charges carry penalties of up to six months in jail.