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    Contributions from 'The Nativity' premiere - to Maghar
Contributions from 'The Nativity' premiere - to Maghar Staff from the offices of the Archdiocese of Vancouver, including Archbishop Raymond Roussin, SM, were given the opportunity to preview the movie. It was well received by staff and the archbishop, and the general sentiment was that the movie has the potential to make a positive impact by bringing to life the story from the time of the annunciation to Jesus?s birth.

Of special note, The Nativity Story will become the first feature film ever to premiere at the Vatican. After its premiere, The Nativity Story is scheduled for a Dec. 1 release in the U.S., and around the world throughout the month.

The premiere, to be held at the Vatican?s Aulo Paolo VI (Paul VI Hall), will be attended by The Nativity Story?s director Catherine Hardwicke, actors Shoreh Aghdashloo and Oscar Isaac, producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey, screenwriter Mike Rich, and 7,000 invited guests of the Vatican. The event will serve as a benefit, with contributions going toward construction of a school in the village of Mughar, Israel, which has a diverse population of Christians, Muslims, and Druze and is located approximately 40 km from Nazareth.

"Come and See" Editors note that the village of Mughar (or Maghar) was home to riots some two years ago, when a rumor alone was ample pretext for the assault on the Christian villagers, simply because they were Christians. Building a Christian School in the village will strengthen the Christian community in the village, who many have moved to nearby villages or to Nazareth, for better future of their children.

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