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    Something good from Nazareth: ?theology for the people?
Something good from Nazareth: ?theology for the people? The first issue of Al-Kalima, published both in Arabic and in English, includes the first part of a series about "Christian Arab identity", by Rev. Dr. Bryson Arthur, the head of NCCS. Other articles are written by pastor Phil Hill from England and pastor Azar Ajaj from Nazareth. The content is small as the first edition is really a pilot issue which will be greatly developed in future editions. Pastor Phil Hill describes the Nazareth Center for Christian Studies as ?a dream come true?. Al-Kalima, as the bulletin of NCCS, will communicate what is happening at the Center, and it will carry articles and items from other Colleges, Christian bodies and Churches partnered, or associated, with it.

The words of the ABC Chairman Fuad Hadad on page 11 state, ?ABC?s great step of starting the NCCS has been an answer from the Lord for this most needed work of training pastors and leaders of the Christian evangelical churches in the country?.

Concerning Al Kalima, the Word, Fuad states, ? We bless this venture of having a ?Word? ringing loud in the Galilee, as well as in Israel and overseas.?

To download the English version of Al-Kalima in PDF format, press this alkalima-english.pdf

To download the Arabic version of Al-Kalima in PDF format, press this alkalima-arabic.pdf

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