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    Nazareth Baptist School featured in 3 different languages
Nazareth Baptist School featured in 3 different languages

Yidiot Ahronot, the most popular newspaper in Israel, issued an outstanding report on the 4th of March (pages 12-13 of the main section of the paper) under the title ?Students on the Way to the Nobel Prize?. In their sub ?title they wrote, ?Another Way is Possible: Students of the Baptist-American High School in Nazareth Are Steadily Winning in an International Contest Called The First Step to the Nobel Prize in Physics. In This School Whose Teachers Put Emphasis on Excellence and Learning Science, They Hope That the Day Will Come Soon When One of Their Alumni Will Grab a Real Nobel Prize?. The article mentions the fact that out of the 22 prizes that Israel has achieved (which put Israel in 5th place worldwide), 9 were achieved by Nazareth Baptist School (NBS). It also takes notice that NBS was rated 7th nationwide by the Ministry of Education regarding the number of its students who achieve the level of Excellence according to its rating standard. The article further notes that NBS students achieve outstanding results in the Psychometric exams as well. NBS? Principal Dr. Ousama Moalem told the paper that the school?s formula for success is ?made up from the intention of excellence, from discipline that is strict and uncompromising, and includes a long day of study?.?.

In this month?s publication of the Christian edition of the Israeli English newspaper The Jerusalem Post, an article was written about Baptists in Israel, and part of this article was dedicated to Nazareth Baptist School. The article states, ?From its modest beginnings, it is now recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Education as one of the country?s premier educational institutions?.

The article goes on to state the above-mentioned outstanding achievement in the First Step to the Nobel Prize in Physics, as well as the school?s rating nationwide. It adds, ?When Physicist Stephen Hawking was in Israel last year, three schools were allowed to send students to interview him; Nazareth Baptist was one of them?. The article also quotes NBS? General Director, Botrus Mansour, as saying that NBS scores in the top 1% of Israeli students in English every year, and that the waiting list to get in is very long. He is also quoted as saying that if he had the facilities needed, he could double their 1,000 student enrollment in two years, and that they are presently considering another site in Nazareth.

In addition to all this, on March 2, 2007, several Arabic newspapers and web-sites reported on the fact that NBS 7th graders jointly won First Place in a contest between participating, select schools called ?Excellence of Education?. The contest questions encompassed scientific material on Newton?s discoveries, the law of Archimedes, and the Eclipse. The articles mention that the Beit Hanok school in Jerusalem achieved Second Place, and the Beit Giora school in Hertzaliyya won Third.

To view the news item from Yediot Ahronot, press this Hebrew

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