• LEBANON \ Jul 24, 2007
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    Call for Prayers as Christians Face 'Perilous Time'
Call for Prayers as Christians Face 'Perilous Time' A global network of evangelicals is urging its members to pray for Christians in Lebanon who are facing a “perilous time” as fighting continues between the Lebanese army and Islamist militants. Whenever Sunnis and Shiites fight each other, Christians and Jews suffer enormously, noted the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)’s Religious Liberty Commission (RLC) in a recent bulletin to its members. It said this was primarily because Islamic fundamentalist zeal tended to flare up during such periods of conflict!

The commission went on to highlight the dilemma facing Christians, which was succinctly put by Lebanon’s Maronite Catholic leader, Archbishop Beshara Rai of Byblos.

“If the Sunnis and Shiites agree, their agreement would come at the expense of the Christians,” Archbishop Rai stated.

The Archbishop believes that Sunni and Shiite leaders wanting to minimise intra-Islamic conflict will seek to unite the Muslim sects against a common “enemy” – Israel, Christians, the United States and US-backed regimes – to advance the common goal of Islamisation.

“And if they disagree, the Christians become their victims,” Archbishop Rai added.

Islamist militants fired Katyusha rockets at Lebanese villages on Friday, according to latest reports from Reuters, and security sources are informing media that the military death toll now stands at 10 with 35 soldiers wounded. So far 218 people have been killed in the conflict between the army and the Islamist militants.

The RLC is calling for prayers, specifically for the Holy Spirit to give great spiritual wisdom, understanding and courage to all of Lebanon's Christian leaders – religious, political and social – so that they will be united and enabled to lead according to God's will and for His glory. They are also appealing for prayers so that God will protect His children, meet their needs, and preserve His Church.