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    Interesting articles in the second issue of Al-Kalima
Interesting articles in the second issue of Al-Kalima In this edition readers will find several interesting articles, including two on the issue of Christian identity. First in the sequence of identity related articles is a piece by Dr. Arthur on Arab Christian identity where he defines the concept of the new human race as a heavenly identity and re-affirms the divine command to die to our old selves. Using authoritative scriptural groundwork, Dr. Bryson classifies the “culture of heaven.” Second in the sequence is an article by Lisa Loden on Messianic Jewish identity. Lisa heads the NCCS leadership program and until recently was the director of the Caspari Center for Biblical and Jewish studies in Jerusalem. In this article she explores the complex issue of Jewish identity within the realm of Jewish culture, especially here in Israel.

Following the articles on identity is an interview with the remarkable Arab Christian scholar Yohanna Katanacho. In this interview, he details his journey towards attaining his PhD in the USA at Trinity International University and working towards a thesis and how the Lord has blessed him in his studies thus far.

Also included in the issue is an article by Hannah Byrd on the lives of Dwight and Emma Baker. The Bakers were Southern Baptist missionaries who served in Nazareth for many years in the nineteen fifties and sixties and played a significant role in the early development of the Nazareth Baptist Church. Their original home now houses both the ABC and NCCS and they are distinguished patrons of the educational program and facilities.

Another article of interest is a piece by Hanan Akleh-Jildeh on the presence of women in Jesus’ life. It investigates the female presence in the earthly life of our Lord and draws from numerous biblical sources to make a strong case for Jesus’ equal love and attention to the women in his life.

Additionally, the magazine features an article by the chairman of the Association of Baptist Churches in Israel (ABCI), Monther Nauom, who was elected in June of 2007, as well as a section on developments with the Nazareth Baptist House, which functions as headquarters for ABCI and the location for NCCS. There are also sections on current events, news from NCCS and other Christian schools in the region like Bethlehem Bible College and Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary.

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