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    Palestinian National Poet dies at the age of 67
Palestinian National Poet dies at the age of 67

Darwish is a prolific author who published dozens of books that reflect his love for Palestine and contempt for the state of Israel . His works has been translated in more than 20 languages.

One of the interesting poems that gives us a taste of Darwish is his famous Joseph (Yusuf) poem. In this poem Darwish reflects on the story of Joseph which is recorded in both the Bible and the Quran. We thought that it is worth putting this poem as we remember his contributions and celebrate the good things in his life and shun away from his mistakes.

Oh my father, I am Yusuf
Oh father, my brothers neither love me nor want me in their midst
They assault me and cast stones and words at me
They want me to die so they can eulogize me
They closed the door of your house and left me outside
They expelled me from the field
Oh my father, they poisoned my grapes
They destroyed my toys
When the gentle wind played with my hair, they were jealous
They flamed up with rage against me and you
What did I deprive them of, Oh my father?
The butterflies stopped on my shoulder
The bird hovered over my hand
What have I done, Oh my father?
Why me?
You named me Yusuf and they threw me into the well
They accused the wolf
The wolf is more merciful than my brothers
Oh, my father
Did I wrong anyone when I said that
I saw eleven stars and the sun and the moon
Saw them kneeling before me ?

1.May Mahmoud rest in peace in the lap of Abraham
 Allah yirhamo, August 29, 2008 7:42