• FEATURES \ Dec 10, 2008
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    SAT-7 KIDS Marks First Year of Broadcasting with Special Christmas Programs
SAT-7 KIDS Marks First Year of Broadcasting with Special Christmas Programs “For more than twelve years, SAT-7 has been a leader in producing and broadcasting Arabic Christian programming for children. But since the launch of SAT-7 KIDS last year, we’ve seen responses from children, and parents writing on behalf of their kids, more than triple,” says Terence Ascott, SAT-7 CEO. “Our Christmas Special will broadcast live from Lebanon on December 21st, and will be the first time that children across the Middle East and North Africa will be able to call and have a live conversation with some of their favorite SAT-7 characters and hosts. We’re very excited about this and intend to have many more live broadcasts on SAT-7 KIDS in 2009.”

SAT-7 KIDS seeks to educate and inform children living in a region stretching from Morocco to Iraq basics of the Christian faith, including the true meaning of Christmas. Many children living in the region see Christmas as only a Western holiday obsessed with gift-giving and Santa Claus. SAT-7 KIDS seeks to shatter misconceptions about the Christian faith, and to help Arab children understand the Christian teaching that Jesus not only came to earth 2000 years ago, but that he wants to have a relationship with them today.
Rita El Mounayer, the Lebanese-born Executive Director for Arabic programming, is very encouraged by the channel’s responses, “Parents feel safe leaving their children in front of SAT-7 KIDS screen and grown-ups are requesting Bibles to read to their kids. People have written us to say their children are so hooked to the channel and will not allow their family to watch anything else!”