• August 28, 2001
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    Five baptismal pools have been unearthed so far, dating to both the Roman and Byzantine periods, and will be open to visitors

    Jordan Times, By Francesca Sawalha ,August 26, 2001
  • July 24, 2001
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    Ministry Uses Gilead Summer Camps to Present Gospel. More than 150 youngsters choose to follow Christ

    ASSIST News Service, July 20, 2001
  • July 16, 2001
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    "The council has said no to registering us as a seminary, with religion as our only discipline," seminary president Dr. Imad Shehadeh confirmed in May. "But they haven't answered us yet on our application to become a university, with several disciplines."

    Compass, July 16, 2001
    Jordanian Seminary Registration Still in Limbo
  • June 22, 2001
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    Religion Today editor Janet Chismar recently returned from a week in the Kingdom of Jordan. In addition to touring the country's many Biblical sites, she also spent time talking with local Christians, learning of their struggles and faith in a country at the crossroads. Religion Today, June 22, 2001
    The Ironic Christian: Believers in Jordan Wrestle with Cultural Heritage
  • June 20, 2001
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    Around 250 youth will attend a summer camp in the village of Smakieh near the edge of the Jordanian desert, run by a collaboration of a church in Houston, Texas and Jordanian volunteers

    By Omar Tesdell, Olive Branch - Issue No. 79 - Tuesday, 19 June 2001
  • June 14, 2001
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    Today's nation of Jordan is home to some of the most significant sites in biblical history, but almost no one thinks of Jordan as a pilgrim's destination.
    The Israelites spent time on both sides of the Jordan. Now tourists can, too.

    By Marshall Shelley, Christianity Today,6th June,2001
    Visiting the Other Side of the Jordan
  • May 02, 2001
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    Presbyterians, Methodists, and Mennonites as well as Baptists and members of fundamentalist churches are part of the "Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding" group that is looking forward to their 2001 conference to be held in Amman, Jordan in November.

    Middle East Wire,25th April,2001,By Fred Stricleert

  • April 22, 2001
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    Amman-based ministry launches a series of aid and ministry programs to also help Iraqi Christians and its own needy

    Assist Ministries, April 15, 2001

  • April 09, 2001
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    King Abdallah of Jordan meets with Evangalical leaders including Benny Hinn and David Yonggi Cho and asked them for a courageous stand for peace in the Middle East.

    Charisma,5th April,2001
    King Abdallah Asks American Christians to Press for Peace in Middle East
  • March 14, 2001
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    U.S state department report claims that Jordan practises some restrictions on freedom of religion including prohobition on any incouragment of conversion to Christianity and lack of recognition of some Christian denominations By Alia Shukri Hamzeh, Jordan Times, 9-10 March, 2001