• March 25, 2003
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    Rev. Dr. Bryson Arthur, Head of the Department of Theology and Holy Land Studies at Mar Elias University College in Ibillin, Israel writes about the war with Iraq:

    "One king, George Bush, made the statement with conviction ?We will hunt down these Killers?. The other King ? King Jesus also made the statement with conviction ?Forgive them for they no not what they do?

    Special for Come and See, March 25, 2003

    An Analysis of Creation & War
  • February 24, 2003
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    An American Christian writes to fellow Christians who support the attack on Iraq:

    "We won't show people the love of Christ, nor bring them to salvation AFTER blowing the crap out of them and their family members. Dead sinners don't come to the Lord".

    Mike McNab, Special for Come and See, Feb 24, 2003

    Soldiers for Christ
  • October 09, 2002
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    A New York Times Artcile discribes the weird situation where Evangalical Christians and American Jews support Israel for two different reasons.
    "This is a grim comedy of mutual condescension," says a Jewish scholar. "The evangelical Christians condescend to the Jews by offering their support before they convert or kill them. And the conservative Jews condescend to Christians by accepting their support while believing that their eschatology is nonsense. This is a fine example of the political exploitation of religion."

    By Maureen Dowd, Washinton, New York Times, October 6, 2002

    Rapture and Rupture
  • September 27, 2002
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    An Editorial at the Jerusalem Post describes the roots and the evolution of the support Israel is getting from Evangalical Christians.

    "Bible-believing Christians throughout the US hold firm views regarding the State of Israel's role in the divine plan for history and, more than ever before, they have begun to put their money, and their political clout, to work on its behalf."

    Jerusalem Post, Sep 24, 2002

    Our Christian friends
  • September 23, 2002
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    Dr. James Dobson sends a reply to Dr. Bishara Awad's letter to Dobson that was published first by 'Come and See' and published in Christianity Today and other magazines.
    "I was especially troubled by your characterization of me as "an instrument of hate and division." Founder and President of "Focus on the Family" argues with Dr. Awad over the "controversial figure of Dr. Hanan Ashrawi who is on the payroll of the father of modern-day terrorism" and quoting articles from Al-Hayat Al-Jadida (!!)

    Christianity Today Weblog, Sep. 23, 2002

    James Dobson responds to Bishara Awad's open letter
  • September 08, 2002
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    Dr. Bishara Awad, President of Bethlehem Bible Collge writes to Dr. Dobson: "You as my hero, have fallen and had become a part of the hate propaganda and deceitful ways of the enemy of righteousness".

    I promise to pray for you and for America. I pray to God that 911 would not become a tool to spread hate, war and destruction, but a tool where the love of God can be spread among all peoples

    Bishara Awad, Special For Come and See, Sep 8, 2002

    A Palestinian Christian writes an open letter to Dr. Dobson
  • July 17, 2002
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    An Israeli Columnist writes in Israel's Elite Newspaper about the activity of the Evangcalical Christians in support of Israel.

    "There are increased expressions of gratitude from Jewish organizational leaders in North America. But, if truth be told, they are also to some extent embarrassed by the support"

    By Eliahu Salpeter, Haaretz, July 17, 2002

    Is this good for the Jews?
  • April 29, 2002
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    Howard Bass is one of the Messianic leaders who signed the letter of appeal and the newspaper announcement of support for Israel.

    He writes a letter to his brothers and sisters, leaders of Palestinian Christian Churches who were hurt by the letter:

    "I want to express my deepest sorrow and regret for the unnecessary hurt"

    Howard Bass, Special for Come and See, April 29, 2002

  • April 25, 2002
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    A Christian Arab American writes about some "televangalists", that instead of preaching peace and reconciliation, as they must, they continue to promote hate and division among the two cousins and descendent of Abraham.

    Ousama Kawar, Echo of Christ Open Forum, April 25, 2002
  • April 22, 2002
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    An Israeli Journalist describes the current relations between Israel and the different Christian churches around the world, in light of the currrent crisis in the church of nativity

    By Eliyahu Salpeter, Haaretz, April 24, 2002

    The Church of the Nativity and Jewish-Christian Relations