• ISRAEL \\ September 22, 2014
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    MAP is on the ground helping to get medical aid where it is needed in Gaza. They are sending out teams of specialist surgeons to perform surgery on the most critically injured. They are supplying medicines and medical equipment to Gaza’s hospitals. They are helping children who are malnourished. They are providing psychosocial support to children who are showing signs of trauma.
    Lifelong friends cycle from London to Paris to raise medical Aid to Palestinians
  • PALESTINE \\ September 17, 2014
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    First, a word about the video in question, which was the target of the attacks. This video was done in order to reflect the pulse of the Palestinian street in Bethlehem – hence it is called “Voices from Bethlehem” (not Bethlehem Bible College). The careful observer will notice that the people interviewed come from various backgrounds: some young and some old; some Christians and some Muslims. These voices reflect the frustration and anger of men and women who everyday see the blood of their compatriots in Gaza spilled and homes destroyed over families. They also express the desire of Palestinians to live in peace and dignity.
    Response to the Attacks by some Messianic Leaders on Bethlehem Bible College
  • ISRAEL \\ September 15, 2014
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    "We call on the UN to take concrete steps to end the Israeli occupation; to dismantle illegal settlements on Palestinian land as well as the illegal 'Separation Wall' and pay reparation to Palestinians injured through its construction, as called for by the International Court of Justice; and to respect and implement international laws and UN resolutions regarding the rights of the Palestinian people in their entirety."
    Scholars From Around the World Issue a Statement Calling for Action Against Israel
  • LEBANON \\ September 04, 2014
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    Urgent Appeal to all the Evangelical and Protestant Churches and Organizations Across the World regarding the crisis in the Middle East
    Urgent Appeal 
from the Supreme Council 
of the Evangelical Community in Syria and Lebanon
  • OPINION \\ September 02, 2014
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    Alex Awad writes to Obama: Mr. President, The announcement of the Israeli government on August 31 to confiscate 1,000 acres belonging to four Palestinian villages near Bethlehem is like pouring salt on the fresh wounds of Palestinians...
    A Palestinian Baptist Pastor Writes an Open Letter To President Obama
  • ISRAEL \\ August 27, 2014
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    Statement of Christian Schools:We consider the behavior and decisions of the Ministry of Education as contradictory to Israeli law and contradictory to the agreement between the Holy See and the State of Israel as well as special agreements with the different Christian schools. This behavior limits the rights of the Christian Church to manage its institutions in the country
    Christian Schools in Israel Threaten to Start a Strike
  • ISRAEL \\ August 18, 2014
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    Arab Palestinian Christian Israeli pastor shares his conflict towards the recent events in a poem
    What If?
By Rev. Azar Ajaj
  • ISRAEL \\ August 01, 2014
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    So you live in a war zone. You are involved emotionally because of a bloody conflict between your nationality and citizenship. Everybody else has the freedom to express their minds but you are suppressed.
    What do you do? Can you ignore your feelings and natural inclination to express them or say the truth as you see it?
    When Even Venting Involves a Dilemma!
By: Botrus Mansour
  • ISRAEL \\ July 30, 2014
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    Such persecution was made possible by a bipartisan American faction that supported the invasion of Iraq — an invasion that created a violent void in which sectarian violence raged. And let's not forget that this coalition included the strong, vocal, and public support of influential evangelicals — claiming to speak on behalf of the "Prince of Peace" no less.
    Blame Obama and U.S. evangelicals for the persecution of Iraqi Christians
By Jonathan Merrit, The Week