• FEATURES \\ April 14, 2016
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    Maurice Gerges is the most influential evangelist in the Arab world for the last 60 years and was even referred to by some as "the Billy Graham of the Middle East". He passed away on March 26 at the age of 85
    Maurice Gerges – the Famous Preacher You have Never Heard Of - By Bader Mansour
  • OPINION \\ April 10, 2016
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    Dr. Yohanna Katanacho is the Academic Dean of Nazareth Evangelical College. He shared recently at Christ at the Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem and casted a powerful vision of what the Middle East might look like if the Kingdom of God was reigning here. “I hope my dream is not your nightmare!”
    My dream - I hope my dream is not your nightmare - Yohanna Katanacho
  • TOP STORIES \\ February 20, 2016
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    "Come and See" calls for support for the Larnaca Statement: Local and International believers are encouraged to sign and endorse the statement as an act of solidarity with Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews “For He himself is our Peace” (Eph 2:14)
    Endorse Larnaca statement by Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians
  • TOP STORIES \\ February 09, 2016
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    An unprecedented statement of Palestinian Christian and Messianic Jewish believers was issued last month after a consultation in Larnaca, Cyprus, as part of the Lausanne Initiative for Reconciliation in Israel/Palestine. The statement includes commitments and call for study, prayer and action
    Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians issue a joint statement in Cyprus
  • PALESTINE \\ January 18, 2016
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    Palestinian pastor Alex Awad writes: "If it were in my power, I would visit the home of the bereaved family as a representative of the Palestinian people to express condolences and seek forgiveness"
    Killing Civilians Is Not The Path To Achieve Political Goals
  • ISRAEL \\ January 18, 2016
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    I found the contradictions of these two airports very symbolic. In Israel, rule enforcement levels vary depending on the citizen’s ethnicity, and when it comes to security the rules are clear. Anyone who isn’t Jewish should be questioned, and Palestinians are an enemy so they are guilty until proven innocent. And if you are Jewish, then you get VIP treatment, even if you are breaking the rules. Perhaps Jews get used to VIP treatment in Israel.
    Between Two Airports, By Shadia Qubti
  • ISRAEL \\ January 13, 2016
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    When I focus my theology on being “chosen” rather than on loving God with all of my heart and loving others like myself, it becomes self-serving or idolatry; when the focus becomes who is “in” and who is “out” rather than being like Jesus, the Good News becomes the same old news of the world.
    To Be Chosen....Or Not, By Sharona W.
  • ISRAEL \\ December 21, 2015
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    In a historical move-the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention handles the deed for Nazareth Baptist School facilities to the local Nazareth Baptist School Organization
    Nazareth Baptist School Receives Deed for Facilities from The International Mission board
  • OPINION \\ December 19, 2015
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    Rev. Dr. Alex Awad lived and served in Palestine for decades, including over 25 years as missionary with the United Methodist Church. Alex served as the pastor of East
    Jerusalem Baptist Church, as well as Professor, Dean of Students and Director of the Shepherd Society at Bethlehem Bible College. Alex helped to organize three “Christ at the Checkpoint” conferences in Bethlehem, and is the author of two books: “Palestinian Memories: The Story of a Palestinian Mother and Her People” and “Through the Eyes of the Victims.”
    Israeli Rights Trump Palestinian Rights - Alex Awad