• ISRAEL \ Jan 11, 2002
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    The Pope was accused yesterday of tampering with the sensitive relationship between Israel and its Muslim minority by convincing the government to halt construction of a mosque in Nazareth.

    news.independent.co.uk, By Phil Reeves, 11 January 2002
    Islamic leaders accuse Vatican of meddling over Nazareth
  • ISRAEL \ Jan 11, 2002
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    It is easy to understand how such a small number of Christians are trapped between the hostilities of the Palestinians and the Jews,? a spokesman for the Holy See Mission to the United Nations in New York told WND. ?Christians are being crowded out? by growing Jewish and Muslim settlements, an economic crisis and violence

    By Mary Jo Anderson, WorldNetDaily.com

    Christians relieved by halt
  • ISRAEL \ Jan 09, 2002
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    The security cabinet decided Wednesday (Jan 8) to halt the construction of the mosque next to the Basilica of the Annunciation. Interior Minister Eli Yishai and Housing Minister Natan Sharansky were asked to find an alternate site for the mosque in Nazareth within two weeks.

    By Aluf Benn and Jalal Banna, Ha'aretz Correspondents, Ha'aretz Service and agencies, Jan 8, 2002

    Israel halts mosque construction near major Christian shrine
  • ISRAEL \ Jan 07, 2002
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    United Christian Council in Israel together with the Catholic Church and the "International Coalition for Nazareth" are using all their connections to put massive pressure on the Israeli government to stop the building of the mosque in Nazareth.

    Special for Come and See, Jan 7, 2002
  • ISRAEL \ Jan 01, 2002
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    There are 137,000 Christians among the country's population, compared to 120,000 in 1995, the Central Bureau of Statistics announced yesterday. The total population is nearly 6.5 million

    By Haim Shapiro, Jeruslaem Post, December 31, 2001

    Local Christian community still growing
  • ISRAEL \ Dec 26, 2001
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    The "coalition of churches filed a formal complaint with the police against construction on the scene this week, claiming the project "injured Christian sensibilities."

    By Jalal Bana, Haaretz, Dec 26, 2001

    Christians file police complaint on mosque
  • ISRAEL \ Dec 26, 2001
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    A Jewish religious school expressed regret on Tuesday for publicly burning a copy of the New Testament, saying it was just trying to protect its students from efforts to convert them to Christianity.

    By Reuters, Dec 25, 2001

  • ISRAEL \ Dec 22, 2001
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    In a massive and unusual display of Christian unity, Roman Catholics joined with evangelical Protestants yesterday in an effort to stop construction of a mosque near the Basilica of the Nativity in Nazareth.

    Jerusalem Post, By Haim Shapiro, Dec 21, 2001

    Catholics joined with Evangelicals to oppose Nazareth mosque
  • ISRAEL \ Dec 16, 2001
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    Very few tourists will visit Nazareth this Christmas. The "Nazareth Village" Project is trying to present to the few people that do come to visit, a taste of the Nativity Story - The reason for the season.

    Special for Come and See, Dec 17, 2001

    Nazareth Village Celebrates Christmas
  • ISRAEL \ Dec 05, 2001
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    Melchior said the intifada, and particularly Israeli incursions into Beit Jala and Bethlehem, has also worsened Israel's relations with the Christian world -

    Gideon Alon, Haaretz, Dec 5, 2001