• PALESTINE \ Nov 23, 2004
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    Christian leaders and activists from the U.S., Canada, and European nations will gather in Jerusalem April 14-18 for the 5th International Sabeel Conference, "Challenging Christian Zionism: Theology, Politics, and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict."

    Sabeel is an international ecumenical effort of the Palestinian Christians which works with Christians of western nations to advocate for an end to Israel's 55-year military occupation.

    Special For Come and See, February 12, 2004

    Christian Local Group Challenges Christian Zionism
  • PALESTINE \ Nov 23, 2004
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    The pastor of the famous Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem has warned that his sanctuary has become a potentially lethal danger zone, following last week?s earthquake in the Holy Land.

    ROSS DUNN IN BETHLEHEM, Sctosman, Feb 16, 2004

  • PALESTINE \ Dec 18, 2003
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    Dean of Students of Bethlehem Bible College and pastor of East Jersualem Baptist Church writes to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at the eve of Christmas asking him to remove the closoure of Bethlehem.

    "As Christmas approaches, Mr. Prime Minister, and the eyes and hearts of hundreds of millions of Christians from around the globe turn to the cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem for inspiration, let them see that those who have the power to rule the people today, are kinder, gentler and fairer than those who ruled when Christ, the Prince of Peace was born."

    Special For Come and See, Dec 17, 2003

    Baptist Pastor to Sharon:
  • PALESTINE \ Dec 01, 2003
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    After three years of ongoing fighting between Israelis and Palestinians, everybody in Bethlehem is exausted - and hoping for a good Christmas season where some tourists may visit the birth place of Jesus.

    By Matthew Tostevin, Alert Net, Nov 30, 2003

    Bethlehem starts downcast countdown to Christmas
  • PALESTINE \ Sep 25, 2003
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    Edward Said, a polymath scholar and literary critic at Columbia University who was the most prominent advocate in the United States of the cause of Palestinian independence, died in New York City today. He was 67. The cause of death was leukemia, which Mr. Said had been battling for several years.

    Though a defender of Islamic civilization, Mr. Said was an Episcopalian married to a Quaker

    New York Times, Sep 24, 2003

    Edward Said, Leading Advocate of Palestinians, Dies at 67
  • PALESTINE \ Aug 30, 2003
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    The only Bible bookshop in Nablus was commandeered by the Israeli army last Friday night as a control operation base.

    ?Pray for the soldiers who spent two days in our center, that God may touch their hearts with what they read or saw,? the Bible Society?s East Jerusalem office requested in an appeal.

    by Barbara G. Baker, Compass Direct, Aug 25, 2003

    Israeli Army Commandeers Nablus Bible Soceity Bookshop
  • PALESTINE \ Jun 20, 2003
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    Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu has accepted the role of patron of Sabeel International, the Palestinian Christian liberation organization, in its outreach and development work around the world.

    Episcopalians: News Briefs, June 18, 2003

    Desmond Tutu lends his name to Sabeel
  • PALESTINE \ May 26, 2003
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    Canadian peace volunteer who has been stationed in Hebron with Christian Peacemaker teams,was saved from deportation by a last-minute court injunction issued by the Israeli Supreme Court.

    Canoe News, Canada, May 25, 2003

    Canadian activist saved from deportation
  • PALESTINE \ May 26, 2003
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    A Christian Palestinian businessman :"If we don't protect these 'living stones', there will be a time when people come here and all they see are the dead stones of the biblical ruins. We need American support to keep believers here..."

    World Magazine, May 25, 2003

  • PALESTINE \ Apr 05, 2003
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    Peace in the Middle East is not an impossible dream to the Rev. Alex Awad. As a Palestinian Christian, Awad knows firsthand that not all Muslims hate Christians and not all Arabs hate Jews.
    "Arabs and Jews are not eternal enemies," he said. "One day, the Palestinians and the Jews will live in the Middle East without fighting."

    By Darice Williams, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, PA - 3 Apr 2003

    Minister says Mideast peace possible