• PALESTINE \ Dec 24, 2002
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    For seven years now, Radio Bethlehem 2000 has provided live audio coverage of the traditional Christmas Eve parade, Christmas Eve Carols from Manger Square and Midnight Mass from the birth-place of Jesus Christ.

    At 3:30 pm, on December 23, Israeli soldiers arrived at the Arrart building that houses the radio station on its fourth floor and ordered everyone outside. No explanation was given.

    By Daoud Kuttab, Special For Come and See, Dec 24, 2002

    Are Christmas Carols a security threat?
  • PALESTINE \ Dec 17, 2002
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    When Pope John Paul II appointed Michel Sabbah as the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem in 1988, it was the first time the Holy Land?s indigenous Roman Catholics were led by a fellow Palestinian. Previously, Rome had always sent an Italian to fill the sensitive post. An Interview with the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem Michel Sabbah on the eve of Christmas.

    By Alessandra Borghese, NEWSWEEK INTERNATIONAL, Dec 23, 2002

    Sabbah Speaks to Newsweek
  • PALESTINE \ Dec 11, 2002
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    While the Christian World is preparing to celebrate Christmas, the suffering Church in Bethlehem is praying that the curfew will be removed.

    Rev. Simon Oberst, the rector of Bath Abbey recently wrote a letter to his friends at Bethlehem Bible College:

    "I cannot sing this carol without thinking of the plight of my brothers and sisters in Bethlehem at this present time."

    Special For Come and See, Dec 11, 2002
  • PALESTINE \ Dec 02, 2002
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    To encourage the faithful to stay in the Holy Land, the Franciscan Custody has launched a program to build 70 homes for Christian families.

    Since the outbreak of the intifada two years ago, about 1,000 Christians, the majority young people, have left the nearby Bethlehem area in search of a better future.

    JERUSALEM, NOV. 28, 2002, Zenit.org

  • PALESTINE \ Nov 28, 2002
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    Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat announced on Wednesday that this year's Christmas celebrations have been cancelled in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, because of Israel's military closure of the holy town

    News 24, Nov, 27, 2002

    Arafat: Christmas has been cancelled in Bethlehem
  • PALESTINE \ Nov 15, 2002
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    The Greek Orthdox preast was kidnapped in Al-Azariya near Jerusalem, in the town named after Lazarous, brother of Mary and Martha.

    A suspect was stopped by the Police. They believe he was planning on robbing the priest.

    By Jonathan Lis, Ha'aretz, Nov 15, 2002

  • PALESTINE \ Nov 01, 2002
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    Statements spoken by Southern Baptist Pastor Jerry Falwell brought a big headache to Christians in Moslem Countries. Baptists who number around 2,000 at the most in Israel and the Palestinian Authority had to contiously condemn and ask forgiveness for their brother's statement that "Mohammad was a terrorist".

    The Following statement by the East Jerusalem Baptist Church was published in Al-Quds, the leading Palestinian newspaper.

    Special For Come and See, Nov 1, 2002

    East Jerusalem Baptist Church condemn Falwell's statements
  • PALESTINE \ Oct 23, 2002
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    Bob May is a United Methodist Missionary in the Bethlehem Area. He runs a web site with many photos and stories of what he sees.
    He writes a story about the relation between Israeli Settlers in the West Bank and the Local Farming community.

    "It's this blatant disregard for the law and the shameless lack of human respect for Palestinians that continues to astonish me. You wouldn't believe the things I see".

    Bob May, Bethlehem, Oct 22, 2002

    Israeli Settlers Continually Harass Palestinian Christian Family
  • PALESTINE \ Oct 14, 2002
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    In a wonderful ending to the story of Dauod (see below),the Palestinian Christian young man (a son of a pastor in the West Bank) who was denied a job at the Christian university he studies in the U.S. because he is a Palestinian, "Come and See" got this e-mail from the father: " ...Your prayers, e-mails and phone calls where a blessing to David in the States ... "

    Special for Come and See, October 14, 2002

  • PALESTINE \ Oct 09, 2002
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    Dawod is the son of a pastor from the West Bank who has risked his life few times for the name of Jesus.
    Dawod is currently studying in a Christian University in the USA. He writes a letter to his parents describing how difficult it is for him to find a job since he is a Palestinian.
    We bring in the exact email and the reply from his parents. We omitted the names and the name of the University

    Special for Come and See, October 9, 2002