• PALESTINE \\ October 31, 2018
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    A shift has taken place in U.S. policy toward the Israel-Palestine dispute. Now, U.S. policy is no longer merely pro-Israel, but rather fully right-wing Israeli. Here is the Israeli wish list that other U.S. administrations refused to grant and Trump’s administration has handed over, asking nothing in return
    President Trump’s Vengeful Crackdown on the Palestinians - By Alex Awad
  • FEATURES \\ October 28, 2018
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    Murdering Jews is pure evil that is rooted in hatred. This hatred was clearly embodied in the recent attack against the tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh. The attack is a crime against God, against all people of faith, and against religious freedom. It is an embodiment of oppression and violence.
    Let us Pray for the Jewish Communities in Pittsburgh and other places - Yohanna Katanacho
  • FEATURES \\ October 20, 2018
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    Middle Eastern Christians celebrated the issuance of the first Arabic Contemporary Commentary in Cairo Egypt. Forty-Eight men and women theologians and researchers from the Middle East participated in producing the Arabic Contemporary Commentary that puts the contemporary questions in dialogue with ancient scriptural wisdom
    The First Arabic Contemporary Commentary
  • ISRAEL \\ October 15, 2018
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    Eyes of Christians around the world are pointed to the land of Holy One (Jesus) and wish to visit and some take a blessed extra step and wish to interact with the local dwindling Christian community.This requires understanding of these complexities if they are to be successful in this interaction.
    Understanding Precedes Outreach in the Holy Land

By Botrus Mansour
  • FEATURES \\ September 18, 2018
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    In the last few weeks, something extraordinary is happening in Israel. A pastor from a village near Nazareth has been invited by different media outlets to share his beliefs and is freely sharing his faith in Jesus. His videos are going viral and people from different religious backgrounds are sharing them online. How did all this happen?
    When they killed Jonathan near Nazareth – a true story by Bader Mansour
  • DEVOTIONS \\ September 01, 2018
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    It is indeed surprising that Moses did not enter the Promised Land. He is the one who saw God face to face, the one who received the Torah, and the one who courageously stood before Pharaoh and his magicians. He was God’s messenger who led the people out of Egypt with a mighty hand
    Moses in the Palestinian Context - Yohanna Katanacho
  • OPINION \\ August 10, 2018
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    Dr. Salim J. Munayer, Executive Director of Musalaha ministry of reconciliation, offers a Prophetic Vision for Reconciliation amidst Israel's new Nation-State Law
    A Christian response to Israel's state law - By Salim Munayer
  • OPINION \\ June 23, 2018
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    The so called Palestinian Evangelicals started to use the title “evangelicals” only the last 20 years. In this short article Azar Ajaj suggests the reason behind using it, when and why it happened, and the challenges entailed in “owning” this name, especially with the increasing involvement of evangelicals in US politics.
    The Challenge of Being Called Palestinian Evangelicals - By Rev Azar Ajaj
  • OPINION \\ June 23, 2018
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    Dr. Brown’s opinions are vastly different from our own and we felt his understanding of the causes and reality of the injustices of our daily life were not been addressed adequately. We even disagree on some of the assessments he has made about the conference, yet we want to prove that dialogues based on the principles of Jesus are the best way to move forward.
    Christ at the Checkpoint’s Response to Dr. Michael Brown