• April 28, 2002
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    A Baptist Pastor living in Nazareth writes about his family in Bethlehem: "They are under curfew for 12 days, but do not feel bitterness in their hearts towards anyone, not even to the soldiers standing out of the door, but feel frustrated from the situation".
    The electricity was cut off for more than 5 days - also the water.

    By Azar Ajaj, Special For Come and See, April 28, 2002

  • April 18, 2002
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    Israeli soldiers entered Ramallah's Lutheran School of Hope on Tuesday (April 16), reportedly breaking down doors, shattering glass and wielding sledgehammers

    By Elaine Ruth Fletcher, RNS, April 16, 2002
  • April 15, 2002
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    According to Rev. Alex Awad: "Christian families who never thought of leaving the country will now seek a way out, thus endangering the very presence of Christianity in the city that witnessed the birth of Christ".

    By United Methodist News Service, April 10, 2002
    Christians in Holy Land send letter to Powell
  • April 10, 2002
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    The Monk was shot and seriously wounded in Bethlehem, most likely by Israeli fire, in the Church of Nativity Compound.

    Haaretz, April 10, 2002

  • April 09, 2002
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    Israeli Force soldiers enter the compound of Christmas Lutheran Church, Bethlehem at April 4 and detained the Rev. Mitri Raheb, pastor of the church

    Maranatha Christian News Service, April 5, 2002
  • April 04, 2002
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    According to Bishara Awad, President of Bethlehem Bible College, 100 to 150 people are inside the Church of Nativity including families and Palestinian security forces. He is reminded of the refuge cities mentioned in the Old Testament

    Bishara Awad, Bethlehem, Special for Come and See, April 4, 2002

  • April 02, 2002
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    ''We appeal to you to stop immediately the inhuman tragedy that is taking place in this Holy Land, in our Palestinian towns and villages,'' the Christian clerics said.

    MSN CBS, April 2, 2002
    Jerusalem churches urge Bush to restrain Israel
  • March 27, 2002
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    Based on Bethlehem Bible College Easter News Letter, families are emigrating due to the area's conflict, the siege, and the military bombardment of their neighborhoods

    Special for Come and See, March 27, 2002
    500 Christian Families leave the Bethlehem Area in the last year
  • March 18, 2002
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    Bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America protest the occupying of Dar al-Kalima Model School in Bethlehem.

    Times Wire Reports, March. 16, 2002

  • January 28, 2002
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    Catholic Bishops from Europe and North America are meeting in Jerusalem to study how Catholic communities can help Christians in the Holy Land.

    Zenit, Jan 25, 2002
    Concern for Christian minority in the Holy Land