• January 02, 2018
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    Dr. Yohannna Katanacho reviews Naim Ateek's new book, A Palestinian Theology of Liberation: Palestinians lost their land because of Zionism and now Ateek wants us to lose our Bibles in the name of De-Zionizing it
    Sorry Rev. Naim, I cannot agree with you! By Rev. Dr. Yohanna Katanacho
  • February 21, 2013
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    Rev. Dr. Yohanna Katanacho writes a book review about Christian Zionism Examined: A Review of Ideas on Israel, the Church, and the Kingdom, by Steven Paas

    Special For Come and See, Feb 21, 2013
    Christian Zionism Examined by Steven Paas - Rev. Dr. Yohanna Katanacho
  • June 16, 2011
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    ''Christian Presence in the Holy Land ''is a comprehensive, well documented book depicting the various features of Christian life in the Holy Land- past history, present circumstances and future prospects, Written by an authority in Christian affairs with a long record of over forty years of service as chairman of elected Orthodox communal councils in Israel, it is perhaps one of the few authentic records on the subject published by a native Palestinian Christian.

    Special for Come and See
  • January 10, 2011
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    Botrus Mansour is an Israeli Arab Palestinian Christian and Evangelical Baptist living in Nazareth. He is a lawyer in profession and serves today as the general director of the Nazareth Baptist School.

    In his first book “When your neighbor is the Savior” published these days by Hope Publishing house in Pasadena California, Mr. Mansour brings forward his biography combined with a presentation of the calling, ministry and challenges of life as an Arab Christian in Israel.

    Special For "Come and See", Jan 9, 2011

    A new Book: “When your neighbor is the Savior” by Botrus Mansour
  • July 01, 2009
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    Naim Ateek, a Palestinian Anglican priest and an Arab citizen of Israel, is the founder, president and director of Sabeel, an ecumenical theological center in Jerusalem dedicated to working for the liberation of Palestinians. In this book he presents a vision for nonviolent Christian engagement in what is perhaps the most central conflict bottlenecking the cause of peace in the Middle East.

    Reviewed by R. Dean Hudgens, Englewood Review of books, May 15, 2009
    A Palestinian Christian Cry for Reconciliation. by Naim Ateek
  • July 29, 2008
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    Rev. Alex Awad’s recent book is interesting, informative, and inspiring. It is interesting because it recites the story of Huda Awad (pp. 17-88), a courageous and godly Palestinian mother who lived from the Ottoman period until the present century. Through her life, we encounter the tragedies and pains of war, and displacement. At the same time, we encounter the Palestinian-Israeli struggles through the eyes of a godly Christian woman who wants to rear her orphan children and provide for them. We can learn many things from her life.

    Alex Awad. Palestinian Memories: The Story of a Palestinian Mother and Her People. Bethlehem: Bethlehem Bible College, 2008.

    By Yohanna Katanacho, Special For "Come and See"

    Palestinian Memories by Alex Awad
  • July 24, 2008
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    A new book in Arabic entitled “Who Are the People of God, Scriptural Studies on the New Testament and the Kingdom of God,” authored by Shukri Habibi, has recently been published by the Clarion Publication House in Beirut, Lebanon.
    The author, Shukri Habibi, was born in Haifa, Palestine; the late, well known communist leader Emile Habibi is his uncle. He holds Bachelors Degree in Literature and Masters Degree in Divinity. He worked with his wife, Adma, in Lebanon and Monte Carlo in the field of broadcasting ministry and they presently live in the Unite States. He wrote and published several broadcasting series.

    by Bassam Afeiche, Special For "Come and See", July 22, 2008

  • June 14, 2008
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    Bishop Botrus Mualem is a prolific Palestinian Christian author. He has written almost three dozens of books and many articles. In his latest book titled “Min Wahi Asa‘ah” Mualem reveals his life-long wisdom through interacting with important Palestinian sociopolitical and/or religious concerns. The title of his book literally means: inspired by the hour. It is mainly a compilation of short essays that appeared in Arab Israeli newspapers and/or were presented on special occasions. In these essays, Mualem brings recent events and contemporary concerns in an interesting dialogue with the biblical text as well as the wisdom of the church. Contemporary events are the source of his inspiration or writing.

    Mualem, Botrus. Min Wahi Asa‘ah. 2nd ed. Nazareth: Mualem, 2008.

    By Yohanna Katanacho, Special For "Come and See"
    Min Wahi Asa‘ah by Bishop Botrus Mualem
  • February 14, 2008
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    The purpose of this book is to respond to the claim that the land of Palestine belongs to the Jewish people.

    The strength of Khoury's book lies in asking the right questions and in analyzing the sociopolitical Palestinian struggles. However, Khoury fails to provide any convincing answers. In fact, his book is a monologue that does not seriously engage any arguments against his perception.

    Rev. Yohanna Katanacho, Ph.D., Special For "Come and See", Feb 14, 2008

    The Intifada of Heaven and Earth by Geries Khoury
  • January 22, 2008
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    In this book, Dr. Khoury presents three main parts that concentrate on medieval historical theological components of Arab Christians, contemporary sociopolitical as well as theopolitical challenges, and contextual theological concerns (p. 8).

    The Author, Dr. Geries Khoury is the academic Dean of Mar Elias Theology School in Ibilin. The book review is written by the Director of the Academic Affairs at Galilee Bible College, an extension of Bethlehem Bible College

    By Yohanna Katanacho, PHD, Special For "Come and See", Jan 22, 2008

    Arab Christians (’arab masihioun') by Geries Khoury