• November 03, 2003
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    Chacour is a Palestinian Christian who became a Catholic priest. He founded Mar Elias Educational Institution in Galilee for students of all faiths. It now has more than 4,500 students. This fall, after several years of work, Chacour opened Mar Elias University, the first Arab-Christian-Israeli higher education institution, he said. The University of Indianapolis is involved in that effort.

    By Marshall V. King, E-Truth, November 2, 2003

    Chacour: Sharing Holy Land would resolve the conflict
  • October 22, 2003
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    Jewish and Arab kids ages 12-18 gathered together in the Baptist School in Nazareth for a day of fun, games, and most importantly to get to know each other. About 90 kids were in attendance, both Christian Arabs and Messianic Jews.

    Ethan Anderson, Special For Come and See, Oct 22, 2003

    Arab and Jewish Kids meet in the love of Christ
  • October 13, 2003
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    The Alumni Association of Eastern Mennonite University has honored graduates for their work in reflecting the school?s vision, mission and values. D. Michael and Virginia A. (Ginny) Hostetler of Nazareth were named joint recipients of EMU?s 2003 ?alumnus of the year? award presented during the Sunday, Oct. 12, worship service of homecoming and parents weekend.

    Special For Come and See, Oct 13, 2003

    Director of Nazareth Village receives Alumni Award
  • September 08, 2003
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    Musalaha is a ministry of reconciliation between Arabs and Jews. They held a very successful Youth Leaders Conference in Germany between August 24-29.

    Special for Come and See, Sep 14, 2003

    Israeli and Palestinian Youth meet in Germany
  • August 12, 2003
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    The editorial coordinator of Christian History in "Christianity Today" writes about the history of Palestinian Christians:

    "They've called the Holy Land home for centuries, but they've never actually governed themselves"

    Steven Gertz, Christianity Today, Aug 8, 2003

    Palestinian Christians: Strangers in a Familiar Land
  • June 20, 2003
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    Gary Burge is professor of New Testament at Wheaton College & Graduate School in Wheaton, Illinois, an institution often referred to as the "Evangelical Harvard."

    In his just released book, "Whose Land? Whose Promise? What Christians Are Not Being Told about Israel and the Palestinians," he charges that Israel disregards its own theological heritage when it violates the human rights of Palestinians?both Christians and Muslims.

    Religion News, May 19, 2003

    Evangelical Scholar Challenges Christian Zionism
  • May 02, 2003
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    The settlers in the occuiped territories prepare for the coming struggle as the "Road Map for Peace" was published. The Racist Minister Benny Elon who comes from a party that supports "transferring" all Palestinains to Jordan speaks about the help he will get from Evangalicals who support Israel. "These are people who are wild about Israel. Compared to them, I am considered a dove."

    Daniel Ben Simon, Haaretz, May 2, 2003

  • March 25, 2003
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    Beleaguered Arab Christians are finding their position among majority Muslim populations more precarious than usual as the US and UK pursue military action in Iraq.

    BCC Reporter Martin Asser reports from Madaba, Jordan:
    'When Bush talks about a "crusade" against terrorism in the Middle East, this is a big problem for us. The Americans should think what they say and what they do; they must remember that there are Christians here, and what they do affects us'.

    By Martin Asser, March 24, 2003, BBC News Online, Madaba, Jordan

    Arab Christians squeezed by conflict
  • March 12, 2003
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    Saddam Hussein's Middle East region is home not only to 150 million Muslims but to a minority remnant of 10 million to 12 million Christians
    Their heritage extends to the biblical beginnings depicted in the Book of Acts. The new faith quickly spread to Syria, where "the disciples were for the first time called Christians" (Acts 11:26), across present-day Turkey and into Europe and points eastward.

    But in modern times, Christians' status in the region has long been precarious. The Iraq situation makes matters worse.

    By Richard N. Ostling, AP Religion Writer March 08, 2003
  • February 14, 2003
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    A Palestinian Christian tells how Jesus changed his life: "Last year, I went to the Israeli checkpoint and gave a soldier the 'Four Spiritual Laws'. I know that the only way for there to be true peace is for Israelis and Palestinians to be totally changed by the love of Jesus Christ."

    By Joel C. Rosenberg, World Magazine, Feb 22, 2003

    'We really need peace here'