• November 24, 2004
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    The discovery, if confirmed, would be among the most significant breakthroughs for biblical scholars in memory.

    By Karin Laub, ASSOCIATED PRESS, August 17, 2004
  • November 24, 2004
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    Shadia Qubti, Project Coordinator for Musalaha's Summer Camp writes about her experience: "Over thirty Palestinian and Israeli campers joined us for this camp. We asked our campers about what things they have in common, and they all wrote in Arabic and Hebrew: ?Faith in Jesus Christ.? Jesus can break down any barriers and this camp was a living example of that.

    Special for Come and See, July 15, 2004

    Palestinian and Israeli kids join together in a Christian camp
  • November 24, 2004
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    Roman soldiers bearing torches and spears emerged from an olive grove, shoving and kicking a stumbling Jesus in a Passion play in Nazareth.

    The outdoor performances by local Arab Christians and volunteers from the United States and Europe take place in Nazareth Village - a life-size replica of a first century farming village

    By JASON KEYSER, Associated Press Writer, April 7, 2004

    Nazareth Reenactment Avoids Controversy
  • November 24, 2004
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    Father Emil Salayta is the co-founder of the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, a charitable organization that donates scholarships and starts schools for students in Palestine. He spoke at Georgetown University about how Arab Christians could "play a unique role in the peacemaking process because of their biblical connections to the Jews and cultural ties to the Arab Muslims"

    By Cynthia Osueke, Feb 27, The Hoya, GeorgeTown University Newspaper

  • November 23, 2004
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    The allience between the Jewish fundamentalist movements and Christian Evangelical organizations is expanding into Europe. A European Coalition for Israel was estbalished, based on the American model. Its establishment was announced two weeks ago in Brussels.

    An amazing relationship between Bible believing Christians from one side and Israel's most racist party from the other.

    By Lili Galili, Haaretz, March 16, 2004
  • November 03, 2003
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    A group of 11 Baptist pastors and laymen from different Baptist churches in England ended last week a successful visit to Baptist churches in Israel.

    This visit comes as part of the twinning relationship that was established 4 years ago between The Central Baptist Association in England and the Association of Baptist churches in Israel (ABC).

    Special for Come and See, November 2, 2003

  • November 03, 2003
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    Chacour is a Palestinian Christian who became a Catholic priest. He founded Mar Elias Educational Institution in Galilee for students of all faiths. It now has more than 4,500 students. This fall, after several years of work, Chacour opened Mar Elias University, the first Arab-Christian-Israeli higher education institution, he said. The University of Indianapolis is involved in that effort.

    By Marshall V. King, E-Truth, November 2, 2003

    Chacour: Sharing Holy Land would resolve the conflict
  • October 22, 2003
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    Jewish and Arab kids ages 12-18 gathered together in the Baptist School in Nazareth for a day of fun, games, and most importantly to get to know each other. About 90 kids were in attendance, both Christian Arabs and Messianic Jews.

    Ethan Anderson, Special For Come and See, Oct 22, 2003

    Arab and Jewish Kids meet in the love of Christ
  • October 13, 2003
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    The Alumni Association of Eastern Mennonite University has honored graduates for their work in reflecting the school?s vision, mission and values. D. Michael and Virginia A. (Ginny) Hostetler of Nazareth were named joint recipients of EMU?s 2003 ?alumnus of the year? award presented during the Sunday, Oct. 12, worship service of homecoming and parents weekend.

    Special For Come and See, Oct 13, 2003

    Director of Nazareth Village receives Alumni Award
  • September 08, 2003
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    Musalaha is a ministry of reconciliation between Arabs and Jews. They held a very successful Youth Leaders Conference in Germany between August 24-29.

    Special for Come and See, Sep 14, 2003

    Israeli and Palestinian Youth meet in Germany