• March 15, 2017
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    Samar Mansour-Samawi from Nazareth writes a first-hand story about Rostom and Zozan, a family that was displaced from Aleppo and today is stuck in Athens, with no work and no stable life
    From Aleppo to Athens - By Samar Mansour–Samawi
  • February 20, 2016
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    "Come and See" calls for support for the Larnaca Statement: Local and International believers are encouraged to sign and endorse the statement as an act of solidarity with Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews “For He himself is our Peace” (Eph 2:14)
    Endorse Larnaca statement by Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians
  • February 09, 2016
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    An unprecedented statement of Palestinian Christian and Messianic Jewish believers was issued last month after a consultation in Larnaca, Cyprus, as part of the Lausanne Initiative for Reconciliation in Israel/Palestine. The statement includes commitments and call for study, prayer and action
    Messianic Jews and Palestinian Christians issue a joint statement in Cyprus
  • July 15, 2011
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    The Pew Forum on Religion has published the findings of a major survey of the opinions of Global Evangelical Protestant Leaders.

    Significantly, the survey found that only 34% say they sympathize with Israel. A majority say they sympathize either with both sides equally (39%) or with neither side (13%).

    Among evangelical leaders from the United States, even fewer sympathize more with Israel (30%) while nearly half (49%) say they sympathize with both sides equally.

    Stephen Sizer, July 13, 2011
    Is Zionism losing ground among Evangelicals?
  • March 05, 2011
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    During a discussion held at a Washington D.C. church some years ago, Rateb Rabie watched in amazement as 200 people discussed how to support his relatives, nearly 6,000 miles away in the West Bank.

    Andrew Khouri, Nation and World, March 4, 2011
  • January 20, 2010
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    A Vatican document released Tuesday blamed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the occupying of lands for fomenting most of the conflicts in the Middle East, driving Christians out and making life difficult for those who remain.

    The document is a guide for discussions for an Oct. 10-24 meeting of Mideast bishops convened by Pope Benedict XVI to discuss the plight of the Christian minority in the overwhelmingly Muslim region. The exodus of Christians from the region and religious discrimination faced by those who remain are main issues on the table.

    AP, Jan 19, 2010
    Vatican memo: Mideast conflict driving Christians out of region
  • December 12, 2009
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    A group of Palestinian Christians representing a variety of churches and church-related organizations have issued an animated and prayerful call for an end to occupation of Palestine by Israel.

    The call, issued at a 11 December meeting in Bethlehem, comes at a time when many Palestinians believe they have reached a dead end. It raises questions to the international community, political leaders in the region, and the churches worldwide about their contribution to the Palestinian people's pursuit of freedom. Even in the midst of "our catastrophe" the call is described as a word of faith, hope and love.

    www.wfn.org Web site, Dec 12, 2009
  • September 19, 2009
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    A group of Jewish extremists attacked on Sunday afternoon two young Armenians and destroyed a cross near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in East Jerusalem’s Old City.

    Israeli settlers such as these have attacked for years members of the clergy in the Armenian Quarter. Today the Armenians who were assaulted Sunday are not being protected, but rather expelled.

    Jerusalem / Maisa Abu Ghazaleh for PNN
  • May 14, 2009
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    Dr. Salim Munayer is the first recipient of the Christian International Scholarship foundation (CISF) scholar-leader award, for his work as founder and director of Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation based in Jerusalem, and for his service as Academic Dean of Bethlehem Bible College from 1989-2008.

    The Board of Directors of the CISF voted unanimously for Dr. Munayer to be the first recipient of this award.

    Special For Come and See, May 8, 2009

    Director of Musalaha receievs scholar-leader award
  • May 04, 2009
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    The Pope's trip to the Holy Land is in two weeks now, and the Israeli and Jordanian governments have just set up two Internet sites related to the event. Their respective Ministries of Tourism are honouring their guest from the Vatican by going online.

    Comparing each site is revealing. Have a look.

    by Giorgio Bernardelli, The Holy Land Review, Milan - April 23, 2009

    Websites Reveal How Israel and Jordan See Papal Visit